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Degree Teaching Commissions

Mathematics Commission

(Approved at a Faculty Board Meeting held on April 3, 2002. Composition of October 2020)



Delegate of the Dean

5 Lecturers from the Mathematics Department.

1 Lecturer proposed by an agreement made among the Physics Departments.

1 Lecturer proposed by the Superior Technical School of Computing.

4 Students (1 per year) in accordance with general regulations.

Iván Gallego Sánchez ivan.gallegos@estudiante.uam.es 1st
Alba Lirón León alba.liron@estudiante.uam.es 2nd
Ana Villajos Contreras ana.villajos@estudiante.uam.es 3rd
Paula Cubillo Esteban paula.cubilo@estudiante.uam.es 4th


1 Member of the Administration and Service Personnel sector.

Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies.


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