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Degree Teaching Commissions


Specific regulations for the Teaching Commissions of the Science Faculty.

Regulations of the Commissions for each of the degrees taught at this Faculty.

(Approved at a Faculty Board Meeting held on February 22, 2002)

The Science Faculty manages 9 Degrees, each one of which is of a particular nature as regards duration of the syllabuses, organisation, the teaching staff involved, resources, etc. This diversity means that it is advisable to create a Technical Commission for each of these Degrees with the following:

General Competences:

  • Implementation / monitoring of the Degree (depending on the cases).
  • Programming, organisation and academic coordination of the syllabus.
  • Drafting or updating the Description of the Degree.
  • Analysis of the specific problems of the Degree: overcrowding, overlapping of timetables and programmes, complaints, etc.
  • Drafting of validation protocols, "gateways ", "substitutions", etc.
  • Implementation or elimination of optional subjects.
  • Channelling the proposals of teaching staff and students.
  • Drafting proposals from the tribunals for the 5th and 6th exams sittings, End of Degree Projects, etc.
  • Collaboration with the Assistant Deaneries, Registry and Administration of the Faculty in other teaching aspects which might concern the Commission.
  • Analysis of the quality indicators of the degree.
  • Drafting of reports on request from the Faculty Board.

Structure of these Commissions:

  • President:
    • The coordinator for the Degree, appointed by the Dean. Any one of the ordinary members of the Commission may be appointed.
  • Members:
    • Lecturers proposed by the Lecturers of the Departments involved in this teaching, not arithmetically, but according to the particular nature of each Degree, the teaching load of each Department involved in these studies.
    • One student from each year of the Degree, chosen from among the group and/or year delegates./ul>
  • The Assistant Dean for Syllabuses will be a permanent member of each of these Commissions, carrying out coordination work among these, informing the Board of the Faculty, etc.

Lecturers involved in the Degree who do not form part of the Commission and students or any other persons the Commission considers to be advisable may attend these Commission meetings as guests (in accordance with its internal regulations) in order to deal with specific matters which may concern them.
The structure of each of these Commissions must be approved at a Faculty Board Meeting. Once these have been constituted, they will notify the Faculty Board of their composition so that it may know the names of their members.
In no case may these Commissions assume decisions which are the competence of the Faculty Board or of the Departments. In these cases, they will solely inform or draft proposals.

Extract from the internal regime regulations of the Science Faculty: sections which affect the functioning of its teaching commissions

(Approved at the Faculty Board Meeting held on July 6, 2005)
(Approved by the Governing Board meeting held on July 14, 2005)



Article 13.- Minutes will be taken of the meetings of the Board and its Commissions and these will contain at least the list of those attending, the agenda of the meeting, the points dealt with, the place and time for holding the meeting, the content of the agreements adopted and the form and result of the voting.

Article 16.- The minutes of the meetings of the Faculty Board and its Commissions will have to be approved in the ordinary meeting following the meeting they refer to, and the obligatory rectifications will be included in the definitive minutes.


Article 19.- Any member of the Board or its Commissions can propose the attendance of persons who serve as advisors in specific matters, with the right to speak but not to vote. However, the presence of these guests will require the acquiescence of the Board or Commission at the beginning of the meeting. The guests will restrict themselves dealing with the specific matter.


Article 22.- The agreements of the Board and its Commissions will be adopted by simple majority of the members attending, with the exceptions stipulated in these Regulations.

Article 23.- In the event of a tie, this will be decided by the casting vote of the Dean or of the President of the Commission.
Article 24.- When it is necessary to choose between more than two options, the Dean or President will set out the order in which each one of these must be held as a prerequisite to the ballot and this must be ratified by the Board or by the Commissions.

Article 25.- The ballot must be secret when this is requested by any members of the Board as regards matters which affect the rights recognised under article 18, section I of the Spanish Constitution or those of specific, determined persons.
A secret ballot may take place in exceptional cases which require adequate motives and proper reasoning as regards the advisability or necessity to use this in cases of exception.

Article 26.- The members of the Board or its Commissions can record the votes against the agreements adopted and the reasons justifying these in the minutes for the purposes of what is established in article 27.4 of the Law on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure.


Article 31.- The Faculty Board can agree to the constitution of as many commissions as it may consider to be advisable in order to function better, and all the University sectors must be represented on these commissions, as stipulated in article 31.i of the Statutes of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Article 32.- All the commissions, except those of the Degrees which will be regulated by the provisions in article 45 of these Regulations, will be presided over by the Dean or the Member of the Faculty Board delegated by the Dean.

Article 44.- As support for the Teaching Commission, the same number of technical commissions will be created as there are Degrees taught in the Science Faculty. These will submit proposals to the Teaching Commission for subsequent approval by the Faculty Board, article 64.2 of the Statutes of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. These Degree Commissions will meet, at least, once every academic term.

Article 45.- The Assistant Dean of Syllabuses will be a permanent member of the Degree Commissions and he will carry out coordination work among these and will communicate the proposals to the Teaching Commission, which will present these to the Board of the Faculty. The specific composition of each Commission will be determined at a Faculty BoardMeeting, in accordance with the following criteria:

  • A coordinator for the Degree, appointed by the Dean, who will act as President.
  • Lecturers proposed by the Departments involved in teaching depending on the particular nature of each Degree, in accordance with the teaching activities of these Departments as regards these studies.
  • One student for each year of the Degree, chosen from the Delegates and/or year, and these will continue to form part of the Commissions until a new representative is chosen.
  • Representatives of the Administration and Services Personnel.

Article 46.- The following will be the subject of study of the Degree Commissions:

  • The implementation and/or monitoring of Degrees.
  • Supervision, coordination and reform of syllabuses.
  • Drafting proposals of Academic Tribunals in the areas of each Degree which correspond to them in accordance with the legal provisions.
  • The analysis of specific problems of the Degrees depending on the Science Faculty.
  • All the questions assigned to them by the Faculty Teaching Commission.

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