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Student Associations

In the Science Faculty there are associations which allow the students to participate in University life which goes beyond the mere reception of the theoretical and practical studies of the syllabus which the student has a right to. The associations are involved activities aimed at completing the integral formation of the University student. In May 2010, the student associations legally constituted under the Regulations of Associations, approved in the Government Council of March 2, 2007, are as follows:

Association of Students and Graduates in Environmental Sciences

Promotion of the Degree studies at academic and professional level, the fostering of activities aimed at highlighting the importance of the conservation of the environment.

Association of students of Industrial Technical Engineering. Speciality: Industrial Chemistry

Orientation of the students of Industrial Technical Engineering on any theme related to these studies.

Antares Astronomy Association of Students

Introduction to Astronomy, training in scientific SETI and PARTNER projects, construction and maintenance of telescopes, photography courses, etc

Alpine Association of Students of Science

Activities related to climbing and mountaineering.

Association of Students of the Concilio Role Club

The basic objective is the use of the game as a means to encourage socialising practice which tends to create imaginative and creative persons who seek their own growth and that of the group in a relationship of equals.

Association of students Malayerba

Reflection and debate on a variety of themes, at local level (University) and global (of the problems of underprivileged groups belonging to any culture, monitoring of intercontinental action against globalisation and imperialism).

Association of Students Manuela Malasaña

A discussion forum on University problems in general and in the Science Faculty in particular. Intended to foster and channel student claims in the Science faculty of the UAM. Participation in the governing organisms of the Faculty and of the Universidad Autónoma. It organises cultural and leisure activities in order to enrich daily life in the Science Faculty.

Association of Students -Nao

Study, research and conservation of the marine and coastal environment.

Asociation of Students Siglo XXI

Scientific meetings for presentation and discussion of works, communications, conferences, symposia, seminars, conferences, and any other activity to establish and maintain contacts among science students.

Asociación UAMterpolo

Here´s stronger waterpolo.We promove spartan spirit and fight in swimming pool for grow this great sport.

Asociation of Students Vivero y Huerto UAM

Practice, promote and disseminate the principles of organic farming methods and their environmental implications.

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