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Department of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Department of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Departamento de Física teórica de la materia condensada

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The Department studies condensed matter physics from a theoretical point of view. What is condensed matter? Condensed matter includes liquids and solids, i.e. phases whose densities are high enough that interactions between constituent atoms and molecules are significant. By contrast, interactions in gases do not usually play a significant role. Depending on the type of system, one must apply research techniques based on quantum mechanics or statistical physics, and assistance from computer simulations is often required. Experimental aspects of this field are studied in other departments and institutes on campus.
There are several research groups in the Department that work on various lines of research in the field of condensed matter physics. The main research lines currently being carried out by the Department include:

  • Surface Physics
  • Statistical Mechanics of Disordered Systems
  • Transport and Superconductivity in Mesoscopic Systems
  • Soft Condensed Matter and Biophysics
  • Quantum Optics in Semiconductors
  • Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
  • Nanomechanics and Nanomaterials
  • Nanophotonics

The Department teaches mainly undergraduate studies in Physics and actively collaborates in the Doctoral Programme in Condensed Matter Physics (with a quality mention). The Department also participates in teaching Biology, Mathematics and Industrial Technical Engineering degrees and collaborates in official postgraduate Masters programmes in Biophysics and Simulation of Molecular Processes.

Management team:

Alfredo Levy Yeyati

Assistant Director
Pedro Tarazona Lafarga

Pablo García González

Administrative Secretary
Laura Ramos Juanino

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