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La Doctora Nair López Martínez, del Departamento De Física Aplicada, ha obtenido un Proyecto del European Research Council

Nair López

4SUNS is a revolutionary approach for the development of highly mismatched alloy (HMA) materials on Silicon technology, which will bring highly efficient multi-colour solar cells costs below current multijunction devices. The project will develop the technology of HMA materials on Silicon via material synthesis opening a new technology for the future. The understanding and optimization of highly mismatched alloy materials-using GaAsNP alloy- will provide building blocks for the fabrication of laboratory-size 4-colours/2-junctions solar cells.

Dr. Nair López Martínez has developed her research career in the solar energy field. She was awarded two postdoctoral fellowships at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to develop multiband solar cells (MSC), having obtained, together with Prof. Walukiewicz, the first multiband solar cell. In 2012, she was awarded a Marie Curie International Incoming fellowship. Under the project HIMAMIS she transferred the technology and the know-how of the MSC from USA to EU joining the “Electronic and Semiconductor” group at UAM. The award of this European Research Council (ERC)-Starting Grant will reinforce her scientific career to become one of the most important experts in the field of multiband solar cells. She is the author of the most relevant papers in the field of multiband solar cells having generated theoretical models and experimental characterizations of the most crucial properties.

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