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Optical properties of atomically thin semiconductors: Observations and puzzles

Departamento de Física de Materiales
Dr. Marek Potemski, Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses, CNRS, France
15:30-17:30 h.
Sala de Seminarios del Departamento de Física de Materiales, Facultad de Ciencias de la UAM

Seminarios de Investigación.

Recent results on the optical properties of mono- and few-layers of semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides will be reviewed.

Experimental observations will be presented and discussed in the frame of existing models, highlighting the limits of our understanding in this emerging research field. I will first introduce the representative band structure of these systems and their inter-band optical transitions. The effect of an external magnetic field will then be considered to discuss Zeeman spectroscopy and optical pumping experiments, both revealing phenomena related to the valley degree of freedom. Finally, I will discuss the observation of single photon emission in different types of layered materials, including wide band gap hexagonal boron nitride. While going through these topics, I will try to focus on open questions and on experimental observations, which do not yet have a clear explanation.

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