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Strategic Plan 2011-15

Science Faculty Strategic Plan 2011-15

Strategic plan is a process for making the diagnosis of an organization and its environment. It defines strategic orientations and establishes actions in order to achieve the desired future objectives and scenarios. 

In this case, large paths have been previously defined in the CEI UAM+CSIC Strategic Plan, according to the University Strategy 2015 from the Spanish Education Ministry. The scenario towards 2015 is designed and it is necessary to determine the required actions for achieving it by UAM faculties and centres.

Developing a process of this kind at an educational institution guides University towards improvement and gradual transformation. Furthermore, it allows to channel effective participation of university community and economic and social agents during the process, creating a far-reaching and shared project.

Strategic Planning of UAM Centres should allow to identify future challenges, define objectives, concrete actions addressed to achieve the defined objectives and evaluate the realisation degree.

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