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Gamechangers 2014: social entrepreneurship support programme


UnLtd finally comes to Spain this 2014. UnLtd is an organisation that has been giving support to more than 15.000 social and environmental entrepreneurs for more than ten years in Britain and countries such as Thailand, India, South Africa, etc.

UnLtd is looking for 30 GAMECHANGERS, nonconformist persistent and ambitious people wanting to change the rules of the game setting in motion an enterprise which had as its principal object to resolve one social or environmental problem.

The GAMECHANGERS 2014 programme aims to discover hidden talents, the latent energy to improve the world, giving free support to social entrepreneurs of all ages that are in some incipient phase of their project with:
- Training
- Individualised Consultancy
- Mentoring
- Seed capital up to 5000€ (non-recoverable subsidy)

In this first year, the programme is aimed to entrepreneurs of Madrid and its neighbouring provinces: Ávila, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Toledo y Segovia. The call ends the 31th March.

For further information you can visit the webpage:  www.unltdspain.org

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