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Spanish Grading System

In Spanish universities the grading system consists in a grade between 0 and 10, normally recorded in one of the following six criteria:

Matrícula de Honor (With Honors / A+)
9 to 10. It is the highest grade and only given to exceptional students. It implies a free subject (fee exemption) for the next year.

Even though it is officially established that only one of every 20 students may obtain this grade, UAM acts different. At best, and depending on the area, this ratio is around 2% (UAM Data Center). Frequently, there are courses in which this grade is not given.

Sobresaliente (Outstanding / A)
9 to 10. This grade is given to excellent students that have completely met the needs of the course.

Notable (Above-average / B)
7 to 8.9. This grade is given to good students that have positively met the needs of the course.

Aprobado (Pass / C-D)
5 o 6.9. This grade shows that the student has met the needs of the course at a sufficient level.

Suspenso (Fail / F)
0 to 4.9. This grade implies that the student has not met the needs of the course and must retake the subject.

NP: No Presentado (Absent) / NE: No Evaluado (Not examinable)
The student, having attended class regularly or not, has not taken the exam or evaluation examination set by the teacher, and therefore does not pass the subject nor obtain any ECTS credits.   

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