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Aid for Research

How can I find aid for research and knowledge transfer of research-related knowledge?

In addition to the services and institutions created by the University itself to support research and transfer, the research personnel of the UAM may receive other aid from public and private entities, both national and international.

Ayudas a la investigación

Researchers in the Faculty of Economics and Business are eligible to receive the financial support by applying for annual “Grants for the Development and Dissemination of Research by Teaching and Research Staff (Personal Docente e Investigador [PDI].” The goal of this competition is to stimulate the publication of research by members of the PDI in prestigious national and international journals.

In addition, funding is available from the European Union, various national ministries, the Councils of the Regional Governments (particularly the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid) and from the UAM itself. The UAM’s Research Service is responsible for publicizing all of these initiatives. Depending on the criteria, some grants may be publicized on the Portal Universia.

Finally, the UAM has other services and institutions dedicated to promoting research and the dissemination of knowledge, such as the Office for Transfer and Results (OTRI), the Foundation of the UAM (FUAM), the UAM’s Publication Service, and the Research Culture service.

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