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Research grants

Where can I find aid for research and transfer?

Researchers in the Faculty should know that they are eligible for a variety of grants from the European Union, Ministries and Councils of the Regional Governments (particularly, the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid), as well as funding provided by the UAM itself.

UAM Research Service
This service is responsible for managing calls for proposals and grant applications for research projects of national and regional scope and within the UAM, as well as the administration of fellowship programmes in the same areas.

European Union Framework Programmes
The Directorate-General for Research of the European Commission has published various grant competitions in the framework of the programmes for “Cooperation,” “Capacities,” “People” and “Ideas,” under the Seventh Framework Programme. One of the areas of action is “Socioeconomics and humanities.”

CSIC Grants for Introduction to Research for university students
JAE INTRO 09 Grants, within the framework of the Programme “Department for Expansion of Study,” are directed to students in the last two or three years of an undergraduate degree. The work plan for these grants is developed in Centres or Institutes belonging to or affiliated with the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigación Científica [CSIC]), under the direction of researchers from the staff of the CSIC or its affiliated Centres.

Ministry of Education Grants (MEC)
The MEC offers fellowships and aid for study, mobility and work to professors, researchers and holders of university degrees, as well as to centres and teaching institutions.

Grants announced on the Portal Universia
From the Portal Universia, one may search for different kinds of grants according to the following criteria: applicant’s profile, type/goal of the grant, applicant’s origin, destination for the grant period and type of entity.

Mobility grants for PDI
Professors in the Faculty are eligible to participate in various mobility programmes for both teaching and training, within various programmes, such as Erasmus and CEAL.

Mobility grants for PAS
The Administrative and Service Personnel (PAS) from the Faculty are eligible for training within the mobility programme of the Erasmus Programme.

Mobility grants for students
Students in the Faculty are eligible for various mobility programmes to study in Spanish universities (SICUE/Séneca) and in foreign universities (Erasmus-Estudios, Erasmus-Mundus, CEAL and other agreements). There are also mobility/training programmes for internships in European firms (Erasmus-Prácticas).

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