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Research Results

What kind of results are generated, and where can one find them?

The results of the research performed in the Faculty can be classified into three different but not mutually exclusive categories: scientific development, science education and real-world scientific application.

Fondos de revistas académicas
Fondos de revistas académicas

Scientific development is the result of research on relevant and original topics using conventional scientific methods. The results are usually disseminated through research seminars, conferences, working papers and, ultimately, articles in national and international academic journals. Professors and researchers in this Faculty have published thousands of articles over the four decades of its history. Publication in international journals has been much less frequent recently because research has focused on problems in local areas and been oriented to a Spanish-speaking audience. This deficit is now being filled, however, with the exponential growth in the number of articles published in high-profile international journals—from 8 articles in 2000, to 14 in 2005 and to an impressive 50 in 2009 (data drawn from the Web of Knowledge – Social Sciences).

In the area of science education, the professors in the Faculty have written hundreds of university textbooks and specialized monographs. Some of these textbooks are recommended for study in subjects taught in numerous universities in Spain and Latin America. Some of the monographs have also become crucial reference works in their specialized fields.

Real-world scientific application receives less academic recognition, but it has far-reaching social effects. Through contracts and agreements with firms and public institutions, professors and researchers from the Faculty develop studies and reports that contribute to policy design and decision-making. This kind of research focuses on solving specific problems whose results have an immediate effect on business and the economy. This research is often not published in journals or books, however, as the firms and institutions involved may wish to keep it undisclosed.

Where can one find the results of our research? Some are summarized in the professors’ profiles, which appear in the section on the teaching and research faculty for each Department. A fuller collection of the publications (including the full text of many articles) may be found through the meta-search tool the UAM provides its employees and students. One can access this meta-searcher from off campus through the remote access VPN. For those outside the UAM community, the meta-searcher presents publications in Spanish only.

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