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Doctoral School / UAM

Application for extensions

The PhD student may ask the Doctorate School for authorisation for a one-year extension for full-time students, and up to two years for part-time students. The Doctorate School will send this request to the Academic Committee of the Doctorate Programme for its assessment and decision. In duly justified cases, the PhD student may apply for a further additional year of extension (see model application and decision).
Once the request has been resolved by the Academic Committee it will be sent to the Doctorate School, which will enter the information on the extension period in SIGMA so that it can be used for calculating the time for completion of the thesis and thus complete the enrolment process in additional tutorial courses.
Deadline for requesting extensions:
The PhD student must, where appropriate, request the extension together with the annual report corresponding to the assessment of the THIRD TUTORIAL COURSE period, or if there have been changes in the mode of study, together with the annual report prior to the end of the period for depositing the thesis.