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Doctoral School / UAM


Programa de Doctorado en Matemáticas
Our PhD program offers:
A broad range of research subjects covering many relevant areas in theoretical and applied mathematics: differential equations and applications, functional and complex analysis, harmonic analysis, inverse problems, number theory, group theory, algebraic and differential geometry, statistics and probability, numerical methods, mathematical logic, mathematical finance, etc.
An increasingly international orientation, both in the number of students coming from abroad and in the collaboration (via co-advisoring, courses and short visits) with worldwide researchers.
A well-established prestige, as confirmed by several international academic rankings (see for example the Academic Ranking of World Universities).
Research lines:

Commutative algebra
Complex, Riemannian and algebraic geometry
Differential equations and applications
Functional, complex and harmonic analysis
Group theory
Inverse problems
Mathematical finance
Mathematical logic
Number theory
Numerical analysis
Statistics and Probability

Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1