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LHC delivering ever more collisions to the experiments

LHC luminosity July 7th 2010

After a short break in order to carry out machine development, the LHC began delivering collisions with more protons per bunch and several bunches per beam, thereby dramatically increasing the number of collisions per second. The integrated luminosity delivered to the experiments - a measure of the number of collisions - rose to 32 inverse nanobarns at the end of June, double the luminosity at the beginning of high-energy collisions on 30 March.

Higher luminosity means more collisions, and consequently more precious data for physicists. The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), which distributes LHC data to physicists all over the world for analysis, has seen a rise in average data throughput over the past month from around 420MB per second to over 820MB per second.

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