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Departamento de Física TeóricaDepartamento de Física Teórica

Nuclear Physics

Atomic Nucleus
Atomic Nucleus

This activity is led by Profs. L. Egido, A. Poves and L.M. Robledo. They perform theoretical research on nuclear structure, developing methods which represent the “state of the art” of the discipline worldwide. The future activity will explore collective nuclei motion (superdeformation, superfluidity, etc), the structure of exotic nuclei and weak interactions, and in particular neutrinoless double beta decay, which has a deep impact on neutrino physics and on the understanding of the fundamental physics laws.
This team also works on the theoretical description of fission at finite temperature, on odd nuclei as well as on neutron-rich nuclei, with potential applications to nuclear astrophysics. New effective interactions and calculational methods to solve many-body problems are also being developed at present. An example of the interdisciplinary communication of our Department is the fact that one of our former Ramón y Cajal researchers in nuclear physics is currently a young international leader in nuclear astrophysics.


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