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Conversation Exchange

TANDEM: Conversation Exchange Program

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Are you interested in practicing languages, making friends and discovering new cultures --- and all of it for free? ORI-Filosofia has the right program for you!

Programa PIC

The Faculty of Filosofía y Letras is packed with young travelers, students who speak more than one language and are interested in different cultures. In this spirit, we accept the applications of hundreds of students coming from every corner of the world. The Tandem program takes advantage of this unique situation happening in our faculty and acts as a link between both kinds of students.   

What is there in it for me?

As an international student: practicing Spanish (or any other languages) will help you to follow your classes better. Moreover, you will be able to make Spanish friends who may show you the local perspective of Madrid, teach you the “slang” that you wouldn’t learn just by going to class, guide you to the secret landmarks of the city and, in general, help you to integrate and live your international mobility to its fullest!

How does the program work?


We launch the program twice every year: once in the first semester (from October to January) and again in the second semester (from February to May).


The ORI-Filosofía office acts as a mere link among students, so it will fall on them to decide when, where and for how long they want to meet. The ORI will NOT provide students with places to meet for the tandem, nor will it establish the times.


The ORI-Filosofía shall issue a Certificate of Participation for the students who want it. The certificate is completely optional, and not applying for it won’t have any consequences in the tandem partner selection process.

In order to obtain the named certificate, the students will have to pass by the office every week to sign on the Tandem Sheet and indicate for how long they’ve met during that week. Upon the finalization of the program the ORI will issue a certificate stating the total hours of exchange (min. 10 h – max. 20 h). The program is open to students from all faculties, but in order to obtain a certificate it is compulsory to belong to the Faculty of Filosofía y Letras.

If one of the tandem members is unable or does not wish to continue participating, the ORI would try to find him or her a new partner. If the student still wishes to obtain a certificate, s/he must warn us during the first two weeks of the exchange. If the student doesn’t want a certificate, there will be no time limit to warn us.


There are as many languages available as students willing to practice them! As an example, in past years we’ve had exchanges in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, modern Greek, etc.


The number of students participating varies from one semester to the next, both for Spanish and foreign students, but unfortunately there always is a big gap between the number of national applications and the international ones. It is also common to have a student choosing such rare languages that there is no foreigner to match him or her with. So, summarizing, applying for a language doesn’t mean that you will get a tandem partner (although it is far more likely for foreigners).

Application process

Before the program begins each semester an informative mail will be sent to the student mailing list, establishing the dates and deadlines. The mail will also indicate the e-mail address where you will have to go to fill in a survey. The link to this survey will also appear on this website, once it’s created each year.

While filling the survey you will be asked for personal data, such as your name, birth date, field of study or contact details. It is compulsory to write at least one exchange language and indicate your level of proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (

On the survey you will also be presented with the change of choosing a second and third language of exchange. This possibility is offered so that, if you do not get any partner in your first option (and if there are vacancies available in your options 2 or 3) you may still have a tandem. Bear in mind that the students that have placed your options 2 or 3 as their option 1 will have priority over you.

You will also have to state your availability, that is, when you will be free to meet and have the exchange. It is a very important question, as it wouldn’t make any sense to match up a Spaniard who’s only available during the week with a foreigner who can only meet on weekends. We understand that some people do not have a fixed schedule, so we encourage you to detail your situation in the comment section.

If you happened to make a mistake while filling in the application, please DO NOT send a new application. We prefer that you send us an e-mail specifying your problem and that we modify your information directly on our database.

For further information come to pay us a visit at ORI Filosofia y Letras or send us an e-mail to


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