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Programme formative activities

Presentation of research seminars

Every student will present at least one research seminar, if possible two, in the Department involved in the Programme. Seminar duration will 1 h.

The student will present the design of the Thesis, including background, hypothesis, objectives, working plan, as well as the more relevant results obtained to date. After the oral presentation, a discussion will be opened concerning the seminar matter.

The first seminar will take place approximately one year after the starting the doctorate studies at full time basis, and after 18-24 months in the students at a partial time basis. The second seminar will take place, in any case, in an advanced period of the Thesis work, in order to prepare the student for writing and defending the final work presentation.

Activity accreditation.

The Programme will control the seminars by the students. This work must be enclosed in the Document for Doctorate Activities (Documento de Actividades del Doctorando)

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