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Access requirements

Access requirements

According to the RD 99/2011, de 28 de enero, regulating the official doctorate teaching, and the rules for the official doctorate teaching of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, the access requirements are:

1. 1. As a general rule, the access to an official programme of doctorate will require to have the Spanish Graduate official titles (or equivalent) and the Master Degree.

2. Furthermore, the access will be allowed to those fulfilling the following conditions:

  • To have a Spanish official university title (or from other country integrating the European Space for Superior Education), allowing for the access to the master degree, accordingly to the RD 1393/2007, of October 29, with more than 300 ECTS approved in the entire university degrees. At least 60 ECTS should be at master level.
  • To have a Spanish official university Graduate title, following European rules, of at least 300 ECTS. In this case, unless the studied subjects include credits for research training, the candidates must take some formation complements that should be equivalent to those research credits taken in a master degree.
  • To have a Spanish official university Graduate title, with at least two years of training and a positive evaluation in an official specialized programme for Health Sciences.
  • To have a foreign official university Graduate title following European rules, which does not need to be homologated, with a similar level of formation than the corresponding official Spanish titles of University Master. These studies must allow the students to get access to Doctorate in their countries. The admission in the Programme of Doctorate will not suppose the homologation of the foreign university title neither its acknowledgement for other purposes
  • To have some specific extinct Spanish academic degrees (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados, RD 778/98, April 30; Suficiencia Investigadora, RD 185/85), as well as those students with a positive evaluation in the Formation Period from the UAM Programme of Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery (RD 1393/2007) or by other similar Programme
  • To have a Spanish PhD title obtained following previous university rules.

The recommended way to get the access to the Programme of Doctorate in Pharmacology and Physiology (RD 99/2011) is the University Master in Pharmacological Research RD 1303/2007. However, students with other official studies of Master u other formative periods in the areas of Health Sciences, Experimental Sciences, or similar topics, can be also accepted.


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