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Master's Degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

  • The master's degree is oriented to train professionals and researchers in advanced techniques of research and analysis of biological and biomedical information, data treatment from "omic" techniques and the generation of hypotheses about the function of genes and proteins obtained through different experimental sources from the perspective of the systems biology through the use of computational tools applied to the biological data analysis.

    The Master has two distinct training objectives: (1) training of researchers capable of applying and developing new computational techniques in biomedical research, and (2) training of professionals to work in companies in that field and hospital settings.

Futuros estudiantes

  • Acceso y admisión
  • Matrícula
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    Specific admission requirements:

    The Academic Coordination Committee will assess each application for admission taking into account the applicant’s Degree and previous training. The selection criteria will include the assessment of:

    · The applicant's academic record (50-75%)

    · The adequacy of the applicant’s profile to the Master’s teaching (10-40%)

    · Other merits (5-15%).

    · Interviews with applicants may be conducted when appropriate.

    · Also, as the Master can be taught in English, proficiency in English (level B2 or above, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) will be assessed.

    In addition, the Committee will be responsible for establishing, when necessary, the Training Complements to be completed by the student according to his previous training.


    Specific admission documents and requirements:


     - English Language Accreditation B2

    (Spanish Version)

Estudiantes Matriculados

    Seguimiento y calidad del título

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    Otra información de interés

      Descripción del Título

      • Oferta académica curso actual
      • Oferta académica próximo curso
      • Centro, departamento o instituto responsable: Escuela Politécnica Superior
      • Centros de impartición: Escuela Politécnica Superior
      • Curso implantación: 2017/2018
      • Tipo de enseñanza: in-class
      • Créditos 72
      • Mínimo ECTS según matrícula y curso: 24/part-time students; 36/full-time students
      • Idiomas impartición: Spanish/English
      • Número de plazas ofertadas: 30

      Datos de contacto

      Coordinators: Gonzalo Martínez Muñoz (Escuela Politécnica Superior) and Ramón Díaz Uriarte (Facultad de Medicina)

      Contact data:

      Any request about procedures for master's admission must be addressed to