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Erasmus+ Traineeships

The UAM accepts foreign students for traineeships in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

Individual applications from students are accepted, without the need for a prior agreement between Faculties, Departments and other sections of the UAM and the students' home university.

However, UAM does not offer many internship opportunities for international students, and the following should be taken into account:

  • Traineeships are unpaid, so it is important that you are to receive financial support by Erasmus+ or other programmes.
  • UAM can only accept recent graduates if their traineeships are managed exclusively within the Erasmus+ programme, by signing the programme’s Learning Agreement for Traineeships (not any other type of agreement).
  • The UAM cannot manage traineeships for medical graduates in its affiliated hospitals.
  • It is particularly difficult to an internship during summer, especially if it includes August, since there is very little activity at the university that month.


How to find a traineeship opportunity at UAM

Applications are not managed centrally, so you’ll have to directly contact UAM’s professors/researchers, research institutes or research groups whose work you are interested in, in order to express your desire to work with them. It is up to them to review your application and to decide if they can host you for an internship. Therefore your application should be as specific as possible, and it is recommended to include at least:

  • a CV
  • a brief outline of your proposed area of work or interest

If you want to work in one of the university's departments, it is very important that you indicate a specific area of research, as their activities usually cover a wide range of disciplines, and/or contact an individual professor/researcher who works in that particular area.


Finding that information is not always easy, and UAM’s website is mostly available in Spanish only, but here are some links that might be helpful:


Required documents before the start of the mobility period

Students who find an opportunity for an internship at the UAM and/or their supervisor at UAM must contact practicas.internacionales@uam.es for more information about the required paperwork for managing Erasmus+ traineeships at UAM.


Before the start of the stay at the UAM, each student must send the following documentation to practicas.internacionales@uam.es, in a single email:

1. Learning Agreement for Traineeships, signed by the 3 parties

The form must be provided by the students. The UAM will simply complete the relevant sections and sign the agreement.

2. Scan of the student's passport or identity document.

3. UAM - Student Registration Form for Traineeships (PDF)

4. Insurance coverage declaration (PDF), signed

Each student must have the following insurance coverage for the duration of their stay at UAM (for more information see  Traineeships at UAM - information about required insurance coverage  (PDF):

  • Medical assistance: can be provided through the European Health Insurance Card, a private medical insurance or travel assistance insurance.
  • Accident and private civil liability insurance: both are usually offered as part of a travel insurance policy, which has to be provided by the students' home university or by the students' themselves.


Other information

  • How find accommodation in Madrid (information in Spanish). For more information you can contact UAM’s Reception Office at oficina.acogida@uam.es.
  • Information on Visa and Visitor's Permits for EU and non-EU residents:
    • Non-EU residents: To apply for a visa, you must contact practicas.internacionales@uam.es at least 2 months before the start of your stay.
    • EU residents: If you are a EU resident you won’t need a visa, but if you will stay in Spain for more than three months, you have to obtain a "Registration certificate for EU residents" once you are here. You can request an appointment online
  • The UAM Erasmus Student Network provides information and assistance for mobility students by organizing different types of activities and cultural, social events. They also put together a very useful “Survival guide”.
  • UAM’s Physical Education and Sport Service offer a variety of Activities and classes on campus.
  • UAM’s Language Service offers Spanish courses, but they star only twice a year, in October and February, and the registration has to be done in advance.


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