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Erasmus placement

The UAM, in line with the guidelines established by the Erasmus+ programme, accepts foreign students for internships, which may fall under specific agreements previously made between Faculties, Departments and other divisions of the University. If your home university has an Extended Erasmus Charter, then you may be able to take part in an Erasmus placement at the UAM.

UAM does not offer many opportunities for internships for incoming Erasmus Placement students.
Enquiries about placements should be made by your home university to the relevant partner Unit (Faculties, Departments, Services, Administrative offices, other divisions) at UAM.

Erasmus placements must be organized through the Unit you wish to work for. Please contact the relevant Unit directly to see if they are interested. Direct link to UAM.

If the Unit agrees to host you, an individual work plan (Training agreement) must be made for each stay. Please ask the international office or Erasmus coordinator at your home university to contact their partner Unit at UAM well in advance of the planned dates for your stay.

Students who contact professors or academic staff directly about placements without involving administrative staff risk having their applications rejected.

Being an Erasmus Placement student implies two things:

  • First: being nominated as an Erasmus Placement student by your home university.
  • Second: being accepted as an Erasmus Placement student by the host university (Unit) (UAM).


If a Unit at UAM agrees to host you, you must submit all the documents to the IRO to which your Unit belongs prior your arrival in Madrid. Applications and documents should be submitted at least 6 weeks before your work placement is due to start.

(IRO)International Relations Offices at Faculties of UAM

Documents to be submitted:

1-Training Agreement (paper form).
Erasmus Placement students coming to UAM via the Erasmus placement need a training agreement. Students will receive the respective forms from their home university. At UAM, the host institution only has to fill in and sign the form.
Please note applications will not be considered without the required enclosures and signatures.
2-A photocopy of passport.
3-A photocopy of the European Insurance card.
4-A photocopy of the Insurance. Foreign students must have adequate personal accident and third party liability insurance for the duration of their stay at the UAM. This may be provided by their Home University or by student.

Before completing your Erasmus Placement at UAM check what documents your home university will ask for, so that you can request them as soon as possible.
For any questions, please contact (IRO)International Relations Offices at Faculties of UAM