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Traineeships for international students

General information

UAM accepts individual applications from international students for traineeships at UAM, preferably to be managed within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, but applications for traineeships that are managed with other non-Erasmus training agreements will also be taken into consideration, provided that they are signed between the UAM, the student and their home university.

Pleae also take into account that:

  • Traineeships are unpaid, so it is important that you are to receive financial support by Erasmus+ or other programmes.
  • UAM can only accept recent graduates if their traineeships are managed exclusively within the Erasmus+ programme, by signing the programme’s Learning Agreement for Traineeships (not any other type of agreement).
  • UAM cannot manage traineeships for medical graduates in its affiliated hospitals.
  • It is particularly difficult to an internship during summer, especially if it includes August, since there is very little activity at the university that month.
  • UAM only manages traineeships that take place at the university, not in external companies or organizations

For more information on how to find an internship at UAM and manage it, please refer to the following information:

  • How to find a traineeship opportunity at UAM>
  • Before arriving>
    • Formalising the traineeship
      • A) Erasmus+: Signing the Learning Agreement for Traineeships 
      • B) Other traineeships: Review and signing of a traineeship agreement
    • Registation as an international student at UAM
    • Visitor's/Residence permits
    • Information on accommodation, visas, language courses and sports activities at the UAM
  • During and at the end of the stay>
    • Required documents for the supervision and evaluation of the traineeship
    • Responsible persons at the UAM for signing the documents
    • Changes during the traineeship period
    • Supervision certificates for UAM supervisors