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Master¿s Degree in Law Practice

Master¿s Degree in Law Practice

Master¿s Degree in Law Practice. Academic Year 2013/2014

  • Skills and professional training

    Students taking the Master’s Degree in Law Practice will complete their interdisciplinary juridical training and enlarge upon their professional skills as lawyers and making a significant contribution to the Administration of Justice ensuring that citizens receive assessment, legal defence and quality technical representation, as key elements in the exercise of their fundamental right to effective legal protection.
    Similarly, this Master’s Programme serves as the basis for taking the national entrance examination for the accessing the legal profession, held each year jointly by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

Future Students

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    Specific accession and admission requirements 

    Undergraduate degree in Law or other equivalent university degree that meets the requirements established in article 3 of the Regulation set forth in Act 34/2006, dated 30 October, on accession to the profession of lawyer and solicitor before the courts, enacted by Royal Decree 775/2011, dated 3 June.
    Degrees in Law issued by foreign higher education centres must be homologated in Spain in accordance with current regulations.

    Academic transcript for the applicant’s Degree in Law, weighted with regard to the average grade in the discipline at the issuing university.
    The Master’s Degree Committee may contact candidates directly and, if deemed necessary, arrange personal interviews.

    Specific Admission
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    - Students holding a foreign degree must accredit its homologation in Spain.
    - Average grade statement (mandatory for students from universities other than the UAM)

Enrolled students

    Monitoring and Quality Control

      Further information

        Description of the degree

        • Current academic offer
        • Centre, department or institute responsible: Faculty of Law
        • Type: In-class
        • Credits 90
        • Minimum ECTS per enrolment / per year: 24/part-time students; 36/full-time
        • Teaching languages Spanish

        Contact Details

        Coordinator: Laura Pozuelo Pérez
        Office of the Master’s Degree in Law Practice
        Faculty of Law. c/ Kelsen, 1. 28049 – Madrid.
        Telephone: 91 497 8133 / 2549
        E-mail: master.acceso.abogacia@uam.es