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Master’s Degree in Formal Methods in Computer Science

  • This master offers training directed to obtain abilities to apply mathematical methods to the rigorous solution of computer science problems. The goal is to educate highly qualified professionals able to successfully design trustworthy systems that cannot fail, their correct deployment, and the evaluation or inspection of third-party systems. It also aims at providing training to future researchers in formal methods.


    Most errors pervading computer systems are rooted in a poor (or non-existent) formalization of their requirements, their design, or in the absence of a rigorous verification of their implementation. This Master will improve the capacity of the graduates to avoid such errors and to achieve software designs that are cleaner, more resilient and comprehensible, as well as to verify them. The graduates will be highly qualified professionals, able to deal with complex computer science problems that require high reliability. These problems appear in high-tech companies that develop or maintain products in telecommunications, air transport, subway networks, high-speed rail transport, the aerospace and automotive industry, the management of hospital equipment, energy distribution networks, and similar ones, as well as in crosscutting areas to all of them, such as security and privacy.

Future Students

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    Specific admission documents

    In the first place, all those graduates who have previously acquired the competences listed in section 3 of Annex II of the Resolution of June 8, 2009, of the General Secretariat of Universities (BOE, August 4 2009) by which the recommendations for the verification of the official University degrees linked to the exercise of the profession of Technical Engineer in Computer Science are established, can directly access the Master. In particular, these competences are acquired when obtaining the degree in Computer Science, the degree in Software Engineering and the degree in Computer Engineering that are currently taught in the respective Master's centers, as well as any other official degree linked to the exercise of the profession of Technical Engineer in Computer Science.

    For this same reason, holders of degrees equivalent to any of the above may also be admitted directly, when these degrees are issued by a higher education institution belonging to another member state of the European Higher Education Area, as well as engineers and graduates in Computer Science, in accordance with the arrangements for previous university studies in Spain.

    Applicants with degrees obtained in educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area may be admitted directly to the Master, upon verification by the Academic Committee that they accredit a level of training in Computer Science equivalent to official university degrees in Spain mentioned above.

    In second place, students with a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering in Computer Science or Computer Systems may also be admitted to the Master, in accordance with arrangements for previous university studies in Spain, subject to training complements that will be assigned by the Postgraduate Studies Committee. These complements will be assigned depending on the previous training accredited by the student, so that the appropriate competences are acquired, indicated in the previous paragraph. In the same way, graduates in Mathematics with a profile that includes enough computer science subjects may be admitted with training complements.

    Knowledge of English at the level of a B2 certificate is required to take the master's degree. Knowledge of Spanish is not essential, although it is advisable, because occasionally some optional subjects can be offered only in this language.

    To assess the applications for admission to the master, the Academic Committee will consider:

    • the academic record in the degree qualifying the access (40-60%).
    • the student's curriculum vitae (20-30%).
    • the adequacy of the candidate's profile to the objectives and the program (20-30%).

    General admission documents

    • Certificate of academic transcript for previous graduate studies (translated and legalized, if required).
      • In the case of previous studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, certificate of grades can be introduced by using the document got through the application “Servicios Sigm@ para el alumno” in the option: “Expediente Sigm@/ Consulta de expediente/”.
      • Statement of having finished the previous studies: Applicants with access studies pending finalization must include a Statement of having finished the previous studies stating the expected date of finalization.
    • Average Grade Declaration: Consult the side menu, "Average Grade Declaration".
    • Curriculum vitae (in the Specific Requirements section for certain Master’s Degree Programmes, this must be submitted in a standardized format. Please consult the Master’s Degree website for such specific requirements).
    • Identity Document / Passport.

    Specific admission documents


    • Accreditation of B2 English language knowledge.


    • Cover Letter.

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Enrolled students

    Monitoring and Quality Control

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    Further information

      Description of the degree

      • Current academic offer
      • Joint Title: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
      • Centre, department or institute responsible: Escuela Politécnica Superior, Department of Computer Sciencie and Engineering
      • Location: Escuela Politécnica Superior
      • Year established: 2018/2019
      • Type: in-class
      • Credits 60 ECTS
      • Minimum ECTS per enrolment / per year: 18/part-time students; 36/full-time students
      • Teaching languages English. Some elective subjects may be taught in Spanish
      • Número de plazas ofertadas: 45 (15 UAM)

      Contact Details

      Coordinators: Juan de Lara Jaramillo

      Contact data:

      Secretaría Departamento de Ingeniería Informática

      Escuela Politécnica Superior

      Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

      Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 11

      28049 Madrid

      Teléfono: +34 914972230


      Any request about procedures for master's admission must be addressed to posgrado.oficial@uam.es