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Linguistic Services Office

Oficina de Asesoría Lingüística (OAL)


Translation, revision, proofreading and text editing


The Linguistic Services Office (Oficina de Asesoría Lingüística, OAL in Spanish) is a service provided by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Foundation,  with the aim of assisting all the members of the community related to the University with any translation, revision, editing, formatting, printing or other text-related task.

The OAL offers three types of assistance:

  • Translation and interpreting, between Spanish and any other language, sworn translations (e.g. official documents, academic titles and transcripts), conference interpreting (liaison, simultaneous, etc.). We work with a group of expert qualified, native translators and interpreters, many of whom teach at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
  • Text revision and proofreading in Spanish or any other language: Theses, articles, research papers, website material… Our revisers and proof-readers are qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Text editing and formatting: We can prepare any text for publishing on paper or on any digital medium. We offer the possibility of printing small runs using state of the art printing technology.

How it works

All jobs must be formalized through an agreement on price, payment conditions and delivery date. Please send us an e-mail with a copy of your document and the service you require. On the agreed date, we shall notify you that the job is done and will be delivered as soon as we receive proof of payment—for example, an electronic bank receipt—of the corresponding amount in the bank account of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Foundation, who will send you by post an invoice for the linguistic service rendered.

Catalogue of Services

  • Translations in any combination of the following languages:

English,Spanish and all Romance languages , German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Latin…

  • Revision of translations

Revision in English or any other language. If you prefer, with the Track changes option in MS Word, you can monitor, and accept or reject, the changes made during revision of your document.

  • Sworn translation 

Any official documents (degrees, transcripts, syllabus subjects, passports, certificates, etc.) required for applications for grants, bids, research programmes... 

  • Interpreting

Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison… Conferences, meeting, business trips 

  • Language coaching

Individual, intensive language coaching to prepare for presentations at international fora.

  • Style and editorial assistance

Editorial, ortho-typographical, grammatical and stylistic assistance. Detection and elimination of transcription errors and repetitions.

  • Copy editing

In addition to proof-reading, this provides a sharp scrutiny of content, and is followed up by a report.

  • Desktop publishing

Tailored to your needs, in black and white, colour, maps, graphics, tables…

  • Digital printing

Small runs of books (doctoral theses, minutes, separata…).

  • Editorial assistance

Individual advice on any linguistic or textual problem.


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Contact Details

Oficina de Asesoría Lingüística (OAL)
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Módulo 1 / Planta Baja / Despacho 102
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid — Spain
Telephone:      (34) 914972141

                          (34) 620101537

E-mail:             oal@fuam.es

Customer service:

We receive and reply to e-mail messages all day, Monday to Friday. At weekends, in the month of August and during academic holiday periods we check our e-mail three times daily, in case you need anything taken care of urgently.

You can also send to us an SMS or a Whatsapp on (34) 620 10 15 37.