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Education of minors

Education of minors

The Madrid Regional Government annually announces instructions regarding where and when to present applications for the regular admission process to schools supported by public funds (public and charter schools).

Applications can be found in any school (public or charter) or in the headquarters of the Education Offices (Comisiones de Escolarización) – see the List of Education Offices in the Region of Madrid (Listado de Comisiones de Escolarización de la Comunidad de Madrid) or through the webpage Educamadrid. They can be turned in at the desired school.

Once the regular process is finalized, for those students that—for reasons of immigration, change of residence, or other reasons—need schooling in the middle of the school year, a special educational application is opened.

Student admission applications can be found in the schools or in the Education Offices.

The application can be presented at the Education Office corresponding to your place of residence, and should be accompanied by the minor’s birth certificate and empadronamiento (registration of place of residence).