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Before you arrive

For you to attend UAM as an exchange student under an international agreement, there must be a specific student exchange agreement between your home university and UAM. If there is no such agreement, students can not propose one on their own initiative.

To check which universities have student exchange agreements with UAM, go to section Agreements and conventions.

If there is an exchange agreement with your university and you are interested in coming to study at UAM as an exchange student, you must check with your home university whether it is possible to do so and what steps are to be followed. Being an exchange student under an international agreement involves two things:

First: being nominated as an exchange student by your home university.

Second: being accepted as an exchange student by UAM. For this you will have to take into account the dates of the Enrollment and Registratiton Calendar for Mobility Students 17-18 in order to apply for admission.

How to apply for admission to UAM as an exchange student for the 2019/2020 academic year

Cut-off dates:

·         From 15 May to 15 June, for the first semester and the full year

·         Through 31 October for the second semester

(Check  Enrollment and Registratiton Calendar for Mobility Students 17-18  for international students)


A - Formulario de solicitud de admisión / Application Form

This process consists of two steps:

1.     Registration as user: in order to be able to manage your application online, you first need to register as a UAM user (  Instruction for registering as a user ). To register as a user, click here.

2.     Application form: using the user name and password you were given when registering, you can access the application form. 
You can check the list of 
UAM Faculties and schools, and of the studies available in each of them in the list of official qualifications. To complete the application form, click here. You can find some brief instructions for the electronic form.

3.     For any queries, contact ori.movilidad@uam.es


B – Other documentation

As well as completing your online application form, you also need to ask your university to send us the following documents within the application period:

·         An official certificate of grades (must be original document, copies not accepted) for the studies you have completed in your home university

·         A   Learning Agreement (Spanish) signed and stamped by your university and stating the subjects you wish to study at UAM during the exchange.

·         A photocopy of the personal particulars page of your passport.

This documentation must be sent by your university within the application period to:

Office of International relations and mobility (Agreements)
International Relations and Mobility Office
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid • Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
Edificio Plaza Mayor, Planta Baja • C/ Einstein, 5. 28049 Madrid • SPAIN

For any queries, contact ori.movilidad@uam.es


C - Language requirements

Students must have a level of Spanish:

- B1 (*) for undergraduate studies

- B2 (*) for:

·         Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

·         Degree in Hispanic Studies, Faculty of Philosophy and the Arts

·         Graduate studies

(*) except for those studies requiring a specific level

There is no need to submit any documents at UAM demonstrating the level of Spanish. The Home Institution shall ensure that the applicant has the required level of Spanish.


D – Acceptance

Once all the documentation has been received, your application will be evaluated, and if you are accepted we will send a letter of acceptance to your university. You can use this letter to apply for your student visa.

Remember that it is obligatory for you to have a student visa when you register with UAM.


Once accepted

Selection courses an enrolment

Each faculty will contact directly with students to inform them about what the process of selecting subjects and enrolment.

Communication will be primarily via email. (@estudiante.uam.es)

Information of interest to facilitate the stay at UAM

The following link to the website of the UAM you can consult the guide for international students, as well as the academic calendar 2016/2017.

Welcome meeting

In order to orient on the procedures that have to be done once at UAM, will be a welcome meeting that will take place as indicated below. Attendance at this meeting is important.

Date: January 26th, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM

Place: “Sala Polivalente” (Edificio Plaza Mayor, Cantoblanco Campus)

For those students who arrive late to this meeting, there will be a second meeting on February 2nd, same place at 1:00 PM.


Other information of interest

University accommodation

Here you can find information about university accommodation located in the campus UAM. If you prefer to live in a flat or apartment, once in the UAM, students will be provided with a list of apartments that are rented to international students.

Spanish language courses

If you want to take the Spanish course offered by the UAM for international students is necessary to register and make a level test.

Enrolment information in the Spanish courses.

Reach the campus

UAM can be reached by bus or train:

Bus: Line 714 from Plaza Castilla

Train: Cercanias Line C4 (Commuter trains) to Alcobendas/ San Sebastián de los Reyes and Colmenar Viejo. The station located in the campus is Cantoblanco Universidad.

General information

Click here.