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Before you arrive

For you to attend UAM as an exchange student under an international agreement, there must be a specific student exchange agreement between your home university and UAM. If there is no such agreement, students cannot propose one on their own initiative.

If there is an exchange agreement with your university and you are interested in coming to study at UAM as an exchange student, you must check with your home university if it is possible to do so and what steps are to be followed.

Being an exchange student under an international agreement involves two things:

First: being nominated as an exchange student by your home university.

Second: being accepted as an exchange student by UAM.



Deadlines for nominations (by home university):

Full year or 1st semester stay (September-January): June 15th

2nd semester stay (January-May): October 31st


Deadlines for the applications (by the student):

Full year or 1st semester stay (September-January): June 15th

2nd semester stay (January-May): October 31st



The home university must sent to serim.movilidad@uam.es the list of nominated students and each student´s documents required.



The home university must sent to serim.movilidad@uam.es the following documents by the deadlines stablished (June 15th or October 31st).

List of nominated students

Copy of passpory

Official Transcript of Records

Carta de motivación dirigida al coordinador del programa- en el caso de los estudiantes de Máster.

Learning Agreement, with the list of courses that the student would like to take at UAM, approved by the Home Institution (The document must include the signature and stamp of the coordinator of the home university, as well as the student's own signature)

The learning agreement contains the courses that the student would like to take at UAM, considering two levels of preference:D

Details of the proposed study programme: This section must contain the courses that the student would like to take at UAM, in order of preference.

Alternative course units in order of preference: This section must contain alternative courses in which the student can be enrolled in case any of the above are not available, in order of preference. In case they would like to take courses from different Faculties, at least 51% of the courses selected must belong to one Faculty (e.g. three courses from three different Schools are not accepted, in this case, 2 courses must belong to one School, and the 3rd course can be taken from a different School).

International exchange students may not join first year degree courses (exceptions can be considered upon the Faculty).


Regarding the high demand of subjects from our “Facultad de Filosofía y Letras” there will be limitations for students belonging to other faculties that would like to enroll subjects from this Faculty.

These are the bachelor courses of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters that exchange students registered in other faculties could apply for:


Bachelor Degree

Type of course

History of Art

Basic formation and core course


All the courses taught in the afternoon (except first year courses).


All the courses (except first year courses).


All the courses (except first year courses).

Sciences and Ancient Languages

All the courses (except first year courses).

International Studies

Courses taught in Spanish (except first year courses).


Online registration and application

There are 2 steps to be followed:

Registration: is is necessary that the student do the registration to get access to the all the online procedures. For the registration, the student must enter this link and she/he will receive an username and a password by email. Please, check the spam emails.

Application: the student may enter with the username and password provided in the registration.

Please, the student must check with the home university which faculty or school at UAM she/he will be registered in.

For completing the application, the student must enter this link. For any query, please contact serim.movilidad@uam.es


Languague requirements

Students from overseas centers must have at least an intermediate level of language according to the courses he/she will take at UAM (Spanish / English), except for those disciplines where the center to which they wish to be assigned considers basic knowledge sufficient.

B2 level is required, Except for those studies requiring a specific level.

There is no need to submit any documents at UAM demonstrating the level of language, but the Home Institution shall ensure that the applicant has the required level. Except Master students and the students registed in the Faculty of Law, that need to have a language certificate.



Once we have all the documents required, they will be revised and an admission letter will be sent to the students in case she/he is accepted. This admission letter will be needed for the visa procedures.

Note: Non EU students must have a visa before arriving at UAM. It is recommend that the student has not a tourist visa.



Fact Sheet- English

Guía Fac. Medicina para estudiantes de intercambio


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