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Academic Coordination Committee


Deputy vice-chancellor for teaching and research staff
Carlos García de la Vega

Assistant to the Vice-chancellor for Academic Co-ordination
Mª José Sarro Casillas

Deputy Vice-chancellorships

Deputy Vice-chancellor for Degree Studies
Juan Antonio Huertas Martínez

Deputy vice-chancellor for Postgraduate Studies
Ángel Rodríguez García-Brazales

Representatives of the Centre

Nieves Menéndez González
Vice-dean for Planning and Quality
Faculty of Sciences

Gemma Durán Romero
Vice-dean for Quality
Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences

Pilar Pérez Álvarez
Vice-dean for Quality and Innovation in Teaching
Faculty of Law

Luis Unceta Gómez
Delegate for Quality and Innovation
Faculty of Philosophy and Arts

Alicia Ruiz Olarría
Delegate for Quality and Training Unit
Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

Enrique Gómez Barrena
Vice-dean for Postgraduate Planning and Quality
Faculty of Medicine

Victor Rubio
Vice-dean for Teachers
Faculty of Psychology

Alejandro Sierra Urrecho
Sub-director for Quality and Innovation in Teaching
School of Engineering

Student Representatives

Raquel Miniño Barreiro

Representatives of Directors of Departments

Pilar Benavente Moreda
Department of Private, Social and Economic Law
Faculty of Law

Antonio Pulido San Román
Department of Applied Economics
Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences

Representatives of full-time teachers holding doctorates

Julio Olea Díaz
Department of Social Psychology and Methodology
Faculty of Psychology

José Miguel Rodríguez Antón
Department of Corporate Organisation
Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences

Representative of full-time teachers who do not hold doctorates, and contract teachers

Hector Grad Fuchsel
Department of Anthropology and Spanish Philosophical Thought
Faculty of Philosophy and Arts

Representative of teaching and research staff in training

Carolina Arias Gómez
Faculty of Sciences

PAS (Administrative and Service Staff) Representative

Lourdes Rey Marcos
Vice-chancellor's office

Director of the Office for Studies and InstitutionalEvaluation

Ester Alonso Velasco
Vice-chancellor's office