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Research Committee

Deputy Vice-chancellor for Research
Nuria Fernández Monsalve

Deputy Vice-chancellor for Science Policy and Research Infrastructures  
Rafael Garesse Alarcón

Representatives of the Deans and Directors of the University Colleges
Faculty of Sciences,
Vice Dean for Research
Mª Ángeles Díaz Beltrán

Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences,
Vice Dean for Research
Ramón Lanza

Faculty of Law,
Vice Dean for Research and Transfer
Isabel M. Giménez Sánchez

Faculty of Philosophy and Arts,
Vice Dean for Research and  Library
Lourdes Prados Torreira

Faculty of Teacher Training and Education,
Vice Dean for Research and Innovation
Alfonso García de la Vega

Faculty of Medicine,
Vice Dean for Research and Quality 
Mª Jesús García García

Faculty of Psychology,
Vice Dean for Research and Infrastructure 
Pei-Chun Shih

School of Engineering,
Deputy Director for Research
Pablo Varona Martínez

Representative of University Departments and Institute Directors,
Carlos Giménez Romero

Representatives of Professors with PhDs,
Juan García-Bellido Capdevila
Angel Fernández Mohedano

Representative of Lecturers and Contracted Teaching Staff
Yago Ascasibar Sequeiros

Representatives of Teaching and Research Staff in Training,
María Martín Martínez
Anna Myslowska

Representative of Administrative and Service Staff
José Mª Peña Marcos

Student Representative,
Sandra Sanz Córdoba

Representatives of the Board of Teaching and Research Staff,
Miguel Manso Silvan
Francisco Marín Martín
Manuel Cervera Goy

María Carmen Puerta Fernández
Head of the Research Service