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Publications Committee

Vice-chancellor for University Extension and the Dissemination of Science
Valeria Camporesi

Department of Information Technology, School of Engineering
Manuel Alfonseca Moreno

Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine
Mercedes Salaides Sánchez

Department of Economic Analysis: Theory of Economics and Economic History, Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences
José Patricio Sáiz González

Department of Practice and Theory of Education. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
Inmaculada Egido Gálvez

Department of Material Physics. Faculty of Sciences
Francisco Jaque Reche

Department of Public Law and the Theory of Law, Faculty of Law
Julián Sauquillo González

Department of Geography, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Nicolás Ortega Cantero

Department of Modern History, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Julio Pardos Martínez

Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences
Ángela Delgado Buscalioni

Director of Publications
Juan Manuel Guillem Mesado