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I have been awarded an Erasmus grant

I have been awarded an Erasmus grant. What should I do?
Being in the list of awarded grants means that the UAM has accepted your application as an Erasmus student, but your stay abroad depends on the destination university accepting you too. Therefore, you must go to the International Relations Office in your Faculty or School, where they will help you to find out how to apply for admission. You will probably have to request accommodation at the same time, should the foreign university offer it.There are a number of documents that you will need to fill in

(Application request for the foreign university, Financial Agreement, Study Agreement…..) and a few other matters you will have to sort out (health card, visa in some cases...). For this, every year, the UAM prepares the Guide to Erasmus Mobility. You will find this guide very useful, and you should read it carefully because in it you will find very important information that you should know, like the documentation you must fill in or bring back, information on the payment of your grant, etc.
Guide for Erasmus Mobility
Whether you have not gone away yet or if you are already at your destination, you should read this guide carefully because it will answer many of your questions and will help you to avoid problems. (You may find the Guide in the download area)
Who should I ask when in doubt?

  • If your questions are related to academic matters (registration, acknowledgement of studies done, subjects, etc) you must ask at the International Relations Office of your Faculty or School, or to your Erasmus Co-ordinator.
  • If your questions are related to the processing of your grant (payment of the grant, Certificate of Stay, etc) you must ask at the International Relations and Mobility Office of the Vice-chancellor's Office (erasus.uam@uam.es).
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