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Master's Degree in Health Psychology

Master's Degree in Health Psychology
  • The Masters Degree in Health Psychology aims primarily to train competent professionals in the field of Clinical and Health Psychology. It is inspired on a scientific-professional approach, on the assumption that sound professional training necessarily implies the acquisition of research as well as professional skills.


    This Masters Programme is designed as applied training for professionals in the field of Health Psychology and clinical practice. The programme also aims to provide basic training in research within the clinical and health fields.


    In their Final Masters Project, students will display the maturity and scientific-technical level reached throughout the learning process.


    This Masters Degree serves as the training period for the Doctorate in Clinical and Health Psychology.

Future Students

  • How to apply for admission
  • Enrolment
  • Recommended profile
  • You may also find the following information of interest

    You may also find the following information of interest
    Accession and admission requirements
    Applicants must hold a university degree in Psychology. Applicants holding a university degree from a foreign country must meet the general accession requirements for postgraduate programmes established by the UAM.

    Documentation to be submitted by applicants:
    1. Degree in Psychology
    2. Academic transcript (UAM students may consult and submit their transcript online).
    3. Curriculum vitae.
    4. ID document or Passport
    5. Subjects pre/inscription form
    6. Brief letter stating the reasons for enrolling in this Masters Programme
    7. Certificate of proficiency in foreign languages

    Specific admission documents and requirements
    Subjects pre-inscription form
    Accreditation of knowledge of English or sworn statement
    Accreditation of knowledge of Spanish (mandatory only for foreign students from non-Spanish speaking countries).
    Curriculum vitae on standard format
    Letter of Motivation on standard format

    Average grade statement (mandatory for non-UAM students). (Certificate of average grade point and scale used by the issuing university. If this is not available, a sworn declaration by the student in which the average grade point and the scale used to calculate the average grade at the issuing university are stated will be accepted).
    In addition to the admissions process and submission of the required documents accompanying the online admission request, applicants must complete and send this document by e-mail to: vicedecana.psicologia.posgrado@uam.es

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Enrolled students

Monitoring and Quality Control

Further information

Description of the degree

  • Current academic offer
  • Centre, department or institute responsible: Faculty of Psychology
  • Location: Faculty of Psychology
  • Year established: 2009-2010
  • Type: in-class
  • Credits 90
  • Minimum ECTS per enrolment / per year: 24 / part-time students; 36 / full-time students
  • Teaching languages Spanish and English
  • Número de plazas ofertadas: 40

Contact Details

Maria Izal
Jose A. Carrobles
Jose Santacreu
Faculty of Psychology, Module 5, Ground floor
E-mail: masterpsicologiasalud@uam.es