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Legal regulations:

All Public prices for Official Graduate Studies are established by a Community of Madrid’ Government Decree, according to the limits set by the General Conference for University Policy, and which are related to the service provided and set by Royal Decree-Law 14/2012, of April, 20th of urgent measures to rationalise public spending in the educational field.

Current legislation is Decreto 83/2016, modified by Decreto 126/2018 of July, 31st approved by the Community of Madrid Government Counsel (B.O.C.M. 03/08/2018).

These prices establish a sum to pay for academic services and another for administrative services and students’ insurance.


Students may enrol a complete or a partial course, they shall choose the option when enrolling.

  • A complete course will require to enrol a minimum of 37 credits and a maximum of 60 credits.
  • Partial enrolment will require to enrol a minimum of 24 credits and a maximum of 36 credits in any academic year.

Payment concepts

1. Non-European Union students

According to the current Public Prices Decree, all Public Universities will collect fourth enrolment prices for those Masters which legally enable students to practice a certain profession in Spain, and second or consecutive prices in the rest of cases, to foreign students, older than 18, who are no residents of the EU or those subject to European Regime, notwithstanding the reciprocity principles.

Please, consult the Official Master Degree’s Public prices at the download area, on this page, for more information about credit prices.

Students who are legal residents in Spain, shall deliver their residence card at their Faculty’s Administration before formalising their enrolment.

2. Academic Services Fees

Students shall pay the amount resulting from multiplying the credit’s price by the number of credits of the Master enrolled, depending on the case, first, second or third and successive credit prices.

In the case of Interuniversity Masters, the Coordinating University will establish the prices.

3. Administrative Services Fees

The Administrative fees will be paid every academic year by the students at the time of enrolment.

The application fee is paid at the start of any new Studies Plan, and is associated to the Master’s online application.

4. Students’ Medical Insurance

Compulsory fee for all students who legally reside in Spain, except those students over 28 at the start of any academic year and those students subject to simultaneity of studies or who have paid for it at a different University (Interuniversity Masters’ students)

5. Recognition of credits/subjects fees (Considered Academic fees)

Those students who obtain recognition of credits/subjects or activities at a different University, shall pay 25% of the established fees.

An exception to the above rule, are those students with recognition of credits in their transcripts through a transference from a Double Master Degree at UAM to one of the Master Degrees that integrate it.

This recognition will not convey payment of Public Prices in those subjects belonging to the destination Studies Plan as they are equivalent to the subjects studied in the former plan, if recognisable.

6. Prices of Tuition without Teaching. Special mention to the Final Degree Project

According to the Community of Madrid Public Prices Decree, either in the case of subjects that assign credits through the completion of a test, and with those subjects from extinct plans of studies, no longer taught, will charge 25% of the fees.

Special attention will be paid to the singularity of the Final Degree Project, in the event that a student foresees the impossibility of passing the Final Degree Project and would not defend it, or he/she will be evaluated after the date of academic file closure, he/she shall enrol the Final Degree Project again, paying 25% of the total fees, as the process of tutoring and teaching is overall completed, in agreement with the Public Prices Decree.

Payment methods

Bank Direct Debit (Recommended by UAM): It is necessary to specify the account code digits where payment will be charged.

The system will generate a payment order that shall be printed and signed/authorized by the owner of the Bank Account in the following cases:

  • If selecting this payment method for the first time
  • If the owner of the account has changed.

This payment order, with the original signature will be shown at the Administration Office of the Faculty (it may be shown within the first days of the course).

Bank Deposit (Direct payment), in cash at the UAM account, either at the UAM office (Plaza Mayor) or Medicine Faculty (Julio Palacios, 23) or in any of Banco Santander’ branches.

Together with the printed copy of enrolment, a document with a double “payment order” or “abonaré” shall be printed and necessary to present at the Bank office to proceed with payment.

Payment with Credit Card (TPV) selecting this payment method (except American Express). This method does not allow fractionate payment.

Exceptionally, when none of the above methods of payment are possible, a Bank Transfer to the UAM Public Prices Account will be accepted. In this case, the student shall contact his/her Faculty’s Administration Office to obtain the Account number and send a Bank sealed receipt as proof of payment in order to get his/her enrolment manually validated once payment is already checked.


The fee (27,54€) paid during the process of application, must be paid only with credit card, and will enable the student to request up to three Master Degrees. That fee will be discounted from the total amount of the enrolment fee and will be reimbursed only in the event of suspension of the Master Degree and to those students legally entitled (large families).

In the event of an exceptional situation that makes payment impossible, the student shall notify it to the Postgraduate Studies Office.

Payment periods

1. Fractional payment (recommended)

Payment will be effective in four instalments:

  • First instalment will be effective during the process of enrolment. The students shall pay 25% of the prices and 100% of the administrative fees and Insurance.
  • Second instalment: it will be effective from November 15th to November 26th: The students shall pay 25% of the price
  • Third instalment: it will be effective from January 16th to January 28th. The students shall pay 25% of the price
  • Fourth instalment: to be paid from March 6th to March 18th. The students shall pay the final 25% of the total Price of the Master Degree.

According to the Public Prices Decree, fractional payment will not be possible for payments under 350€,

If the student has not selected payment through direct debit when enrolling the Master Degree, he/she may print the payment orders through the UAM web (Sigma) selecting “Servicios sigma para el alumno” (within “Trámites y Gestiones” link) and then selecting the options “Matrícula” and “Consulta Matrícula”.

2. Single payment

Single payment shall be effective in one instalment when enrolling, covering the total amount of the price.


The University will request payment of pending debits from previous years as a precondition to enrol any Master Degree, and the issue of Certificates and Degrees will be denied to those students with pending payments.

Reduced Public Prices

1. Academic Distinctions

Those students who have obtained honor grades during their Bachelor last academic year, may deduct the amount resulting from multiplying the credit price of the Master Degree by the number of credits in which they obtained honor grades. Deduction will be applicable on the amount to pay for academic services but not

According to UAM regulations, the previously mentioned deductions will be applicable during the following academic year as long as the studies mean academic progression for the student, and based on the number of credits enrolled.

When a student obtains honor grades during his/her first year of a Master Degree programme, he/she will be able to deduct, in the following year enrolment fees, as many credits as the number of credits obtained “with honor grades distinctions”. These deductions will be incompatible with any grants or study aids that entail the exemption of public prices payment and may be requested, by the student, once enrolled, at the corresponding Faculty’s Administration Office.

2. Students with disabilities

According with the University Law, students with a disability will be entitled to the exemption of Public Prices in all University studies, except for the issue of Degrees and Secretary expenses.

Disabled students, in accordance with the article 2. Apdo. a) Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2013 de 29 de noviembre (BOE 3-12-2013) shall prove this situation through a proper certificate before enrolment.

Grant Holders

Students who request a grant from the State Public funds

  • Will only pay Insurance, administrative fees and those corresponding to credits enrolled for the second or successive time. The grant will cover those credits enrolled for the first time.
  • Those additional credits that exceed from the minimum necessary to obtain the Degree are not covered by the grant.
  • If the grant is denied or revoked, the student shall pay the price for the academic services.

Those students who plan to request a grant, may tick their grant holders condition when enrolling, in order to defer payment until formal resolution. Please consult the Becas/Grants office.

Becas y Ayudas al  Estudio

Enrolment Cancellation

Students may cancel their enrolment sending a letter addressed to the Dean/Director Faculty.

1. Students enrolled in a Master Degree in previous years: Cancellation will be granted in those subjects selected during the first 30 natural days that follow the start of the course (first semester September, 9th 2019 / second semester January, 28th 2020)

  • To request cancellation of subjects or total cancellation during the first semester: until October 9th, 2019.
  • To request cancellation of subjects from the second semester: until February 27th, 2020.

2. New students: the period to request cancellation will be 45 natural days after the oficial date of starting the course (first semester September, 9th 2019 / second semester January, 28th 2020

  • Cancellation of subjects or total cancellation during the first semester: until October 24th, 2019.
  • Cancellation of subjects from the second semester: until March 13th, 2020.

Once the above periods are finished, cancellation of enrolment will be granted only under special and duly justified circumstances considered by the Dean/Director of the Faculty.

In the event of impossibility to continue the studies once enrolled, cancellation shall be requested at the Faculty’s Administration Office, as cancellation is not automatically obtained by the lack of payment.

Public Prices Reimbursement

Students may request reimbursement of the prices paid for subjects cancelled by a letter addressed to the Dean/Director Faculty.

In accordance with the legal regulations regarding Fees and Public Prices, the obligation to pay the Academic Fees starts in the precise moment of enrolment; this obligation can be delayed only when the student requests a grant or fractional payment.

Reimbursement will be considered under the following circumstances:

  • If the student requests it before the start of the academic course.
  • If the student proves his/admittance at a different University for that same year.
  • If the student proves reasons of force majeure (work, working schedules, illness,…) unexpected after enrolment.

Administrative Services fees are not reimbursed under any circumstance.

In the event of a reasoned cause to grant an enrolment modification substituting one subject for another, and always before the start of the academic course, there will be an economic compensation between both, but no expenses for academic services.


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