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Equality Unit


The creation of Equality Units in universities is a legal obligation; this obligation is expressed in Organic Law 3/2007, of 22 March, for effective equality between women and men (LOIEMH), known as the Law on Equality, as well as in the Organic Law to Modify the Organic Law on Universities (LOMLOU). The LOMLOU devotes the 12th Additional Regulation to Equality Units:

Universities will include equality units in their organisational structures to perform the functions related to the principle of equality between women and men.

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, beyond this legal obligation, considers that achieving effective equality between women and men is an extremely important factor in terms of achieving a more developed and just society. Equality between women and men is among the values traditionally defended by this university, and within this framework it may be stated that the University Institute of Women's Studies (IUEM) was founded in 1993. It was the first institution of this kind in a Spanish university and has been sustained by research that has been carried out since 1979. It is still a benchmark Institute in postgraduate and research teaching. In 2007 the Gender Observatory was founded, which carried out the Diagnosis of Gender Equality at the UAM that was presented in April 2009 before the Governing Board. In December 2009 the Equality Unit was created.

Work teams

Director of the Equality Unit
Pilar Pérez Cantó
e-mail:  pilar.canto@uam.es
Telephone: 914978458

Ana Belén Pérez García
e-mail:  anabelen.perez@uam.es
Telephone: 914978458

Training and Support intern
Guadalupe Fernández del Campo
E-mail:  lupe.fernandez@uam.es
Telephone: 914978458

Main activities

General objective

The Equality Unit was founded as a structure to perform the functions related to the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment between women and men in all university spheres: teaching, learning, research, innovation and management. Its mission is to draft and implement the programmes necessary to promote equality policies in our university and to coordinate the specific actions that can be carried out in this field by the different university bodies and services.

Main activities

  1. Devise the UAM Equality Plan
  2. Ensure that the statistical data held in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid are gender-based for all sectors (students, administrative and service staff, teaching and research staff) and functions (teaching, research, management).
  3. Prepare and disseminate information on gender equality, continuing the Diagnosis on Gender Equality prepared in the UAM in 2009.
  4. Prepare a non-sexist language manual and propose a programme to be implemented in the institutional documentation of UAM.
  5. Compile, support, promote and coordinate the specific actions carried out in the different areas of the University.
  6. Participate in the activities of the network of Equality Units of Universities on a regional, national and international scale.
  7. Become the information benchmark with regard to the documentation generated by public administrations or other institutions on matters related to gender quality policy and their application in the University.

Contact Details

Dependent on the Deputy Vice-chancellor's Office for Institutional Relations and Cooperation

Telephone:  914978458
e-mail: unidad.igualdad@uam.es
Edif. Rectorado y Servicios Centrales 5ª Planta
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
C/ Einstein, 3. 28049 Madrid. Spain