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10 reasons to study at the UAM

Why to study at the UAM?

  1. The UAM is a modern university, interested in the complete education of its students and internationally famous, being among the 200 best universities in the world.
  2. The UAM pays special attention to the environment and is proud of working for an environmentally sustainable campus.
  3. The UAM is the Spanish university leader on researching and it has many own university research institutes and other ones in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).
  4. It is a pioneer in working on cooperation and solidarity action, with NGO’s, etc.
  5. UAM graduates have a high rate of incorporation into the labour market: 90% of those who looked for a job found it, and in four and a half months on average. It has a Job Forum, which recently became the University Job Forum with the higher number of taking part businesses and institutions.
  6. It is an enterprising university in many respects, being one of the most important the company creation. The UAM is the Spanish university pioneering in this regard: It has the Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives CIADE-UAM for supporting the company creation, which already supported the creation of 170 companies since its foundation.
  7. The UAM has international exchange agreements with some of the best universities in the world, for example through the Erasmus exchange programme with European universities. Over 1,000 UAM students enjoy exchange study visits. It also has privileged relations with a number of Latin American universities.
  8. As part of its commitment to the society to which it belongs, the UAM maintains strong links of cooperation with Municipalities, Institutions and Businesses, for which it signed numerous cooperation agreements and framework agreements.
  9. It holds a great number of cultural activities, including summer courses and contemporary humanities courses. It also supports the oldest and most prestigious season of university-organized concerts, which takes place in the National Music Auditorium every year.
  10. It has numerous sports facilities, including covered and open swimming pools. The UAM holds various both in-house and inter-university competitions, and its students are university champions in a number of different sports. The UAM participates in the High-level Athletes Programme funded by the National Sports Council (CSD).
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