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Citius Grants

Job Start in Business for University Graduates

The CITIUS programme, promoted by the University-Business Foundation (Fundación Universidad Empresa), the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona has provided the link between more than 7,000 graduate profiles and their first job. Companies from all sectors have placed their trust in this programme to recruit, select, train and incorporate many of their executive staff. More than 80% of people like you have decided to hire participants in the programme once the work experience period has finalised.

The CITIUS programme has a duration of 12 months (including one month of leave) and consists of two parts:

1. Specific In-Company Training Plan, during which candidates carry out supervised work experience at the company. It is very important that the company in question co-ordinates this work experience in order to facilitate the candidate's learning and efficiency within the corporate structure.

2. Academic Training Plan, which constitutes a complement either to the duties carried out in the company or to the training already received by the candidate. This training plan is designed to complement the work experience period with material of interest to both company and student.

Contact details:
Mr Juan Carlos García Bermejo
(Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences)