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Contact Us

Contact us

The preferred way to reach us is via e-mail at:


Every incoming mail will be routed to an incident ticket system and will be assigned with an incident number. This number should be used in all future e-mails regarding that issue.

You can use CERT-UAM`s PGP key to send us confidential information (it can also be downloaded from any public key server).

User ID:           Cert UAM <cert@uam.es>
Key ID:           
Key type:          RSA
Key size:          2048R
Fingerprint:       2D14 242C 6BF8 EF3E FD4E  1C2F 7B42 03FA 80AA 172C


Business: Monday to Thursday: 9:00h to 17:30h. Friday: 9:00h to 14:00h


Escuela Politécnica Superior, Ada Lovelace (B) building, office TI-204.

Tecnologías de la Información

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 11.

Phone: +34 91 497 6106

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