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Students shall pre-register online the subjects they wish to take at UAM in accordance with the procedures of each Faculty before joining.



Place and deadlines:

Once registered (see information on Welcome meeting) enrolment at UAM takes place at each Centre/Faculty within the deadlines established by each of them (see specific conditions).


Once enrolment is completed, the student will receive both a document called "Abonaré" and his/her enrolment form by e-mail.

There are two possible ways to pay the enrolment fee:

  • Direct debit: the student must request this at the International Relations Office of his/her Faculty when he/she is enrolling. A "Direct Debit Order" will be issued together with the enrolment form. This order must be signed/authorized by the holder of the indicated account and submitted to the International Relations Office of your Faculty.
  • Bank deposit: By cash deposit in the University's account at any branch of Banco Santander. With the enrolment form, a double "credit note" will be printed, to present at the bank for payment and validation.

Payment is available at the branches located in the University Campuses:

  • Banco Santander office (Plaza UAM) Cantoblanco Campus
  • Banco Santander office at the Faculty of Medicine Campus (C/ Julio Palacios, 23)

Once paid, the student must hand in a copy of the bank receipt to the International Relations Office of his/her Centre/Faculty as proof of payment.

No Transcripts of Records shall be issued to students with outstanding payments.

Instalment Payment (recommended):

It is possible to divide enrolment payment fee into 4 instalments. Students who wish to pay this way must request it at the time of their enrolment at the Centre/Faculty where they are going to study.

Payment periods:

  • Whole year: 1st at the time of enrolment (September) - 2nd 15 November - 3rd 15 January - 4th 15 March
  • First semester: 1st at the time of enrolment (September) - 2nd 15 November
  • Second semester: 1st at the time of enrolment (early February) – 2nd April 15

It is not possible to pay in instalments when the total amount to pay is inferior to the minimum set by the Public Prices Decree: 350€.