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The Social Council of UAM approved the fees for Visiting Students for the course 2020-2021 on June the 23rd 2020.

The total cost of the stay at the UAM will depend on the number of credits registered.

The price of credits for 2020- 21 is:

  • Degree: 120€/credit
  • Postgraduate: 190€/credit


Administrative fees

Administrative fees for 2019-2020 academic year were (33,65€), to be added to the amount of credits enrolled. These fees include the opening of the academic file and administrative expenses.



Once the student is admitted, he/she must pay 350€ as pre-registration fee to reserve his/her place. This amount will be deducted from the total amount to be paid at the following Bank of Santander account:

Beneficiary: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

IBAN: ES30 0049 1811 352110428820

Concept: (Name of student) Pre-registration E. Visitor

The student must send a scanned copy of this transfer by email to oficina.acogida@uam.es. Once received, we will send you the letter of admission.

The pre-registration fee will not be refunded.

The remaining amount shall be paid in full either in a one-time payment in cash or through a bank transfer upon the student's arrival at the UAM, and once the registration has been confirmed with the corresponding Faculty.

Official transcript certificate:

Before departure, students must request their Official Transcript, at the expense of 27.54€