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If you want to stay at UAM to extend your education in official studies outside the mobility or convention programme, you can do so as a visiting student.

If your university has exceeded the mobility figure for students established by agreement, ask them whether they recognise your studies at UAM as a visiting student.


You can take subjects in the undergraduate Degree and Master's courses of any UAM centre with the following exceptions:

·         Subjects corresponding to qualifying Master's degrees lie outside this programme.

·         Visiting students may not join the first year of any degree at UAM, unless the accepting Centre authorites it .                             

See the conditions in the section relating to each Faculty/Centre.

Number of credits:

As a visiting graduate student you can enrol for up to ECTS in a semester, or 60 ECTS in an academic year.

In no case may the enrolled credits amount to more than 25% of the credits of an undergraduate degree, or 50% of a Master's degree.


In general, the duration of the studies taken at UAM will be one semester or academic year (see the specific conditions for clinical


The stay may be longer than an academic year, provided that it does not exceed the maximum credits allowed for visiting students.

Academic calendar:

The dates of the start and end of the semesters are specified in the academic calendar.


See the restrictions for each of the Centres/Faculties in the section corresponding to each of them.

Specific conditions of each centre:

See the specific conditions of each of the Centres/Faculties in the section corresponding to each of them.


Institution of origin:

All students who come from universities and domestic or foreign higher education centres may request admission to UAM as visiting students.


Visiting students must have passed their first degree year at the university of origin at the time of joining the UAM. Students who at the time of making the request have not passed the first year of degree studies at the university of origin may be admitted subsequently on a discretionary basis on accreditation of having passed the first year.

The admission of Master's students within the framework of visiting students requires successful completion of a degree study plan and current enrolment in Master's studies at the student's university of origin.


Admission in the UAM requires accreditation of a level of knowledge of Spanish equivalent to B1 for undergraduate degree studies and B2 for any postgraduate studies. Some courses establish specific language requirements (consult the information relating to each centre/faculty). This requirement is waived for all students whose first language is Spanish.

When the study programme is carried out entirely in English or another language other than Spanish, the level required by the degree must be accredited, unless it is the student's first language.