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If you want to stay at the UAM to extend your academic education in official studies outside a mobility or agreement programme, you can do so as a visiting student.

If your University has exceeded the student mobility figure established by agreement, you may ask them if they would recognise your studies at the UAM as a visiting student.


Information for prospective incoming students (2020/21 academic year)

At this moment, we are not able to predict what the situation will be in September 2020 and ensure that the academic year will start normally.

For this reason, we recommend that students nominated to study at the UAM from September onwards pay attention to the information and news published on this website, as well as the information sent by e-mail to students and partner universities. Likewise, we recommend that you do not incur any expenses related to mobility (air tickets, accommodation, etc.) for the time being.

For questions related to the processing of a student’s visa, you should consult directly the Spanish Consulate in the corresponding country of origin. The situation is changing and the processing of students visas may be in suspension at this moment. In addition, different countries may establish different restrictions or specifications for visa procedures.



You may take Undergraduate or Master subjects at any UAM centre, with the following exceptions:

  • Subjects corresponding to qualifying Master degrees, excluded from this program.
  • Visiting students may not join the first year of any UAM degree, unless authorised by the School/Centre.      

See conditions in the section on each School/Centre.


Number of credits

As a visiting undergraduate student, you can register up to 30 ECTS in a semester or 60 ECTS in an academic year.

In no case may the credits enrolled exceed 25% of the credits of an undergraduate/Bachelor degree, or 50% of a master's degree.



In general, the duration of studies at the UAM will be one semester or one academic year (see specific conditions for clinical rotations).

The stay may be longer than one academic year as long as it does not exceed the maximum number of credits allowed for visiting students.


Academic Calendar

The start and end dates of the semesters are detailed in the academic calendar.


Specific conditions of each centre

See specific conditions for each of the Centres/Faculties in the section corresponding to each one of them.