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Legislation & Regulations

Postgraduate Regulations

Universities Act

Ordination of university education

European Credit system and grading system

Royal Decrees 1125/2003, of 5 September 2003 establishing the European credit system and the grading system is established university degrees.

European Diploma Supplement

Royal Decress 1044/2003, of 1 August 2003 laying down the procedure for the issuance by the universities of the European Diploma Supplement.


Royal Decrees 285/2004, of 20 February 2004 laying down the conditions of approval and recognition of foreign qualifications and higher education studies.

Degrees Expedition

Royal Decrees 1002/2010, of 5 August, on the expedition of official university degrees.

Development on graduate studies relating to regulated professions.

Master’s Degree in Law Practice

Master in Teaching Training Compulsory Secondary Education

Master’s Degree in Information Technology Engineering

Master in General Healthcare Psychology

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