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What is an International Study Program?

Programas Internacionales  de Titulación Doble/Múltiple

These programs include both Double/Multiple Degree and Joint Degree international programs.

In both cases you will be part of your studies at UAM and part of at least one of our partner universities in another country by virtue of an agreement signed for this purpose.

The International Double/Multiple Degree programs allow you to obtain an official UAM degree and a degree from a partner university in a period of time similar to the time it would take you to study only one degree at the UAM. This is possible thanks to the system of mutual recognition of credits for similar contents in the curricula of the partner universities.

The International Joint Degree programmes, on the other hand, consist of a single official degree designed, taught and awarded by the UAM together with other partner universities. Most of these international programmes are Erasmus Mundus Masters, approved and financed by the European Commission after a highly competitive selection process.