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Institutional Agreements / Tailor-made courses

Tailor made courses (foto)
  • Tailor-made courses

Study Abroad at UAM offers its partner institutions the possibility of setting up bespoke courses at the UAM throughout the academic year or during the summer months. Most of these courses are short-term courses and are mostly taught by UAM faculty members.


  • Institutional Agreements with Study Abroad at UAM

(for a complete list of Institutional Agreements with UAM, please go to the SERIM webpage)


UAM-Boston Science Program

Offered in the fall semester, this program allows Boston University students to take science courses at the UAM that meet their major requirements. Students in the Science Program choose Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Scientific Research and/or Basic Statistics and Probability which are all taught by UAM professors in English and are also regular undergraduate courses for Spanish students, thus providing a great opportunity for cultural exchange.


George Washington University – Madrid UAM Program

The George Washington University Madrid – UAM program, housed in the faculty of Philosophy and Letters at UAM, is designed for George Washington University students who have an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish and who want to strengthen their Spanish language ability while taking classes in liberal arts, international affairs, business, and other areas of study.  Spanish language and culture courses are tailor-made for GW students and taught either in Spanish or in English by UAM professors.  Students with advanced Spanish may elect to directly enroll in at least one regular course at UAM, where they can take classes alongside Spanish classmates. 


Enhanced Immersion Program – Hamilton College, Stanford University

Study Abroad at UAM collaborates with US university programs in Madrid, facilitating an immersion experience for students who wish to take one or two regular courses at the UAM while taking advantage of our “Buddy-up” program that provides assistance from, as well as, direct contact with local students.


For more information, please contact us at studyabroad@uam.es.