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Single Crystals

Orientation of Single Crystals by Back-Reflection Laue Pattern Simulation

The Book "Orientation of Single Crystals by Back-Reflection Laue Pattern Simulation" has been published by World Scientific (1999),and contains our experience in the past 20 years in the preparation and characterization of materials.

The Book presents the complete numerical algorithms for simulation of X-ray back-reflection Laue-grams by evaluating the main factors that affect the intensities of the Laue-gram spots.

To demonstrate the potencial of the computacional procedures developed, an example of every crystal system is shown.

A PC diskette is included with this book, to be used for simulation and indexing of any back-reflection Laue pattern.

Single Crystals
Single Crystals
Laugrams experimental (-2-1-1)
Simulated (-2-1-1)
Single Crystals
Single Crystals
Simulated (2 1 1)  
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