“Quantum Optics In Nanostructured Semiconductors”




The group working in the area of quantum optics in nanostructures at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is seeking for two graduate students to conduct a PhD thesis.

The selected candidates will be supported by two (2) FPI 4-years contracts associated to the MINECO’s project “Quantum Optics in Nanostructured Semiconductors”.

There are possibilities for performing either an experimental or a theoretical work and each project will be supervised by one of the members of the group.


Candidates interested in these offers send, please, a CV and motivation.

Those interested in experimental aspects, please, contact either or

while those interested in theory contact .

Do not hesitate in contacting us for any question.

*Formal applications must be done at the "Sede electrónica del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad" (actual page for applications)

(or generated documents sent to: Registro del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, C/Albacete, 5, 28027-Madrid)

*Deadline June 29, 2015 @15:00.





The project addresses the challenge “social changes and innovations” of the MINECO Program by using photonics, which is one of the “Key Enabling Technologies” of such Program.


The scientific objective of this project is to investigate fundamental aspects of the light-matter interaction, paying special attention to those related to their quantum nature, using advanced concepts of condensed matter physics and optics.


It gathers two groups (theoretical and experimental) at the forefront of semiconductors research and condensed matter physics, both at Spanish and international level. They have a large record of previous collaboration on photonics, nanoscience and nanostructures for quantum optics.


The project deal with two fundamental aspects of quantum optics based on the use of semiconductor nanostructures:


























Members of the project

Luis Viña (IP)
Jose Manuel Calleja
Carlos Tejedor
Herko van der Meulen
Dolores Martin
Francesca Marchetti
Snezana Lazic
Ekaterina Chernysheva
Carlos Sánchez















The use of semiconductor nanostructures (semiconductor quantum dots and nanowires) will allow to address the production of quantum states of light (single photons and entangled photon pairs) in a nanochip. Special attention will be given to systems that can be integrated directly into optoelectronic technologies. Among them, we shall investigate polariton condensates generated in nanostructured semiconductor microcavities and manipulate these coherent states using external fields to control the polariton-polariton interaction, a key element for a full-optical transistor. The collaboration between theory and experiment will allow the design of novel concepts, including new nanostructures and sophisticated experimental and theoretical tools. This will allow us to contribute in overcoming many technical challenges which hamper the use of quantum-light effects in everyday’s life.  

The project is divided in two blocks: the first one deals with the manipulation of single and correlated photons for quantum information management. In the second block we plan to investigate other bosonic quasi-particles as candidates for performing quantum states engineering for transmission and support of information. In particular, we will address the study of exciton-polaritons in semiconductor nanostructures. Our interest is to engineer entangled and other novel macroscopically coherent quantum states.