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Proceedings of the "Segundas Jornadas de Teoría de Números"
(Madrid, July, 2007)

Javier Cilleruelo, Enrique González Jiménez, Adolfo Quirós, Xavier Xarles

  • J. Aguirre, Á. Lozano-Robledo and J.C. Peral: Elliptic curves of maximal rank.
  • Á. Arenas: On Hilbert modular forms.
  • F. Bars and I. Longhi: Reciprocity laws à la Iwasawa-Wiles.
  • M. Benito, L.M. Navas and J.L. Varona: Möbius inversion from the point of view of arithmetical semigroup flows.
  • F. Chamizo: Lattice point counting and harmonic analysis.
  • A. Córdoba: Encounters at the interface between Number Theory and Harmonic Analysis.
  • O.T. Dasbach and M.N. Lalín: On the recurrence of coefficients in the Lück-Fuglede-Kadison determinant.
  • L. Dieulefait: How to facet a gemstone: from potential modularity to the proof of Serre's modularity conjecture.
  • M. Fouquet, J. Miret, D. Sadornil, J. Tena and M. Valls: Isogenies between elliptic curves over finite fields and binary quadratic forms.
  • D. Gómez, J. Gutiérrez and A. Ibeas: An algorithm for finding small roots of multivariate polynomials over the integers.
  • F. Luca: Arithmetic properties of combinatorial numbers.
  • P.J. Miana and N. Romero: Computer proofs of new identities in the Catalan triangle.
  • J. Nesetril and O. Serra: On a conjecture of Erdös and Turán for additive basis.
  • A. Pacetti: Shimura correspondence and central values of twisted $L$-series.
  • A. Pérez: Advances on D-equivalence over an algebraic variety of genus 4.
  • A. Srinivasan: A note on the Markoff conjecture.

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