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Introduction to the Spectral Theory of Automorphic Forms

Henryk Iwaniec
    Chapter 0. Harmonic analysis on the euclidean plane
    Chapter 1. Harmonic analysis on the hyperbolic plane
    Chapter 2. Fuchsian groups. 
    Chapter 3. Automorphic forms. 
    Chapter 4. The spectral theorem. Discrete part. 
    Chapter 5. The automorphic Green function. 
    Chapter 6. Analytic continuation of the Eisenstein series. 
    Chapter 7. The spectral theorem. Continuous part. 
    Chapter 8. Estimates for the Fourier coefficients of Maass forms. 
    Chapter 9. Spectral theory of Kloosterman sums. 
    Chapter 10. The trace formula. 
    Chapter 11. The distribution of eigenvalues. 
    Chapter 12. Hyperbolic lattice-point problems. 
    Chapter 13. Spectral bounds for cusp forms. 
    Appendix A. Classical analysis. 
    Appendix B. Special functions.

Este libro del profesor Iwaniec ha sido reeditado por la American Mathematical Society (Graduate Studies
in Mathematics, volumen 53, 2002. ISBN 0-8218-3160-7).