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Grupo Química Agroalimentaria 

Profs: Esteban Álvarez, RM; Martín, MA; Mollá, E; Benítez V.; Aguilera Y.; Morales E.

M.A. Martín-Cabrejas, M.F. Díaz, Y. Aguilera, V. Benítez, E. Mollá, R. M. Esteban. Influence of germination on the soluble carbohydrates and dietary fibre fractions in non-conventional legumes. Food Chem. 2008, 107, 1045-1052.

Y. Aguilera, M.A. Martín-Cabrejas, V. Benítez, E. Mollá, F.J. López-Andreu, R. M. Esteban. Changes in carbohydrate fraction during dehydration process of common legumes. J. Food Comp. Anal. 2009, 22, 678-683.

Y. Aguilera, R. M. Esteban, V. Benítez, E. Mollá, M.A. Martín-Cabrejas. Starch, functional properties, and microstructural characteristics in chickpea and lentil as affected by thermal processing. J. Agric. Food Chem. 2009, 57, 10682-10688.

Y. Aguilera, M. Dueñas, I. Estrella, T. Hernández, V. Benítez, R. M. Esteban, M. A. Martín-Cabrejas. Evaluation of phenolic profile and antioxidant properties of pardina lentil as affected by industrial dehydration. J. Agric. Food Chem. 2010, 58, 10101-10108.

V. Benitez, E. Mollá, M.A. Martín-Cabrejas, Y. Aguilera, F.J. López-Andreu, R.M. Esteban. Effect of sterilisation on dietary fibre and physicochemical properties of onion by-products. Food Chem. 2011, 127(2), 501-507.

Y. Aguilera, I. Estrella, V. Benítez, R. M. Esteban, M. A. Martín-Cabrejas. Bioactive phenolic compounds and functional properties of dehydrated bean flours. J. Food Res. 2011, 4(3), 774-780.

V. Benítez, E. Mollá, M. A. Martín-Cabrejas, Y. Aguilera, F. J. López-Andréu, K. Downes, L. A. Terry, R. M. Esteban. Characterization of industrial onion wastes (Allium cepa L.) dietary fibre and bioactive compounds. Plant Foods Hum. Nutr. 2011, 66, 48-57.

Y. Aguilera, M. Dueñas, I. Estrella, T. Hernández, V. Benitez, R. M. Esteban, M. A. Martín-Cabrejas. Phenolic profile and antioxidant activities of chickpeas (cicer arietinum l.) as affected by dehydration process. Plant Foods Hum. Nutr. 2011, 66, 187–195.

Y. Aguilera, V. Benítez, E. Mollá, R. M. Esteban, M. A. Martín-Cabrejas. Influence of dehydration process in chickpea: changes in bioactive carbohydrates and functional properties. Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2011, 66(4), 391-400.

V. Benítez, E. Mollá, M. A. Martín-Cabrejas, Y. Aguilera, F.J. López-Andréu, R. M. Esteban. Onion (Allium cepa l.) By-products as source of dietary fiber: physicochemical properties and efect on serum lipid levels in high-fat fed rats. Eur Food Res Technol, 2012, 234:617-625. DOI 10.1007/s00217-012-1674-2

V. Benítez, E. Mollá, M. A. Martín-Cabrejas, Y. Aguilera, F.J. López-Andréu, Leon A Terry, R. M. Esteban. The impact of pasteurisation and sterilisation on bioactive compounds of onion by-products. Food Bioprocess Technol, 2012, DOI 10.1007/s11947-012-0866-x.

V. Benítez, S. Cantera, Y. Aguilera, E. Mollá, RM Esteban, MF Díaz, MA Martín-Cabrejas. Impact of germination on starch, dietary fibre and physicochemical properties in non-conventional legumes. Food Res. Int.2013, 50: 64-69. DOI 10.1016/j.foodres.2012.09.044.

EM Morales-Falo, C Sánchez-Moreno, A Esteban, JJ Alburquerque, M Garaulet.
Calidad de la dieta antes y durante un tratamiento de pérdida de peso basado en dieta mediterránea, terapia conductual y educación nutricional. Nutrición Hospitalaria 2013;28(4), In press

M Garaulet, M Canteras, E Morales, G López-Guimera, D Sánchez-Carracedo, MD (2012). Validation of a questionnaire on emotional eating for use in cases of obesity; the Emotional Eater Questionnaire (EEQ). Nutrición Hospitalaria 27 (2), 645-651.


Grupo Micronutrientes en Agricultura

Profs: Lucena, Juan José; Gárate, Agustín; Hernández Apaolaza, Lourdes;

Nadal, P., García-Delgado, C., Hernández, D., López-Rayo, S. and Lucena, J.J.(2012). Evaluation of Fe-N,N′-Bis(2-hydroxybenzyl)ethylenediamine-N,N′-diacetate (HBED/Fe3+) as Fe carrier for soybean (Glycine max) plants grown in calcareous soil. Plant and Soil, 360, 349-36

López-Rayo S. and Lucena, J.J., Laghi, L. and Cremonini, M.A. (2011). Demetalation of Fe, Mn, and Cu Chelates and Complexes: Application to the NMR Analysis of Micronutrient Fertilizers. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 59, 13110–13116

Benedicto, A., Hernández-Apaolaza, L., Rivas, I and Lucena, J.J. (2011). Determination of 67Zn distribution in navy bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) after foliar application of 67Zn-Lignosulfonates using isotope pattern deconvolution. J. Agric. Food Chem. 59 (6), pp 2493–2500

Carrasco, J., Kovács, K., Czech, V., Fodor, F., Lucena, J.J., Vértes, A. and Hernández-Apaolaza, L. (2012). Influence of pH, Iron Source, and Fe/Ligand Ratio on Iron Speciation in Lignosulfonate Complexes Studied Using Mössbauer Spectroscopy. Implications on Their Fertilizer Properties. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 60, 3331−3340

Diego Martín-Ortiz, Lourdes Hernández-Apaolaza, Agustín Gárate (2010).  Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) response to a zinc fertilizer applied as zinc lignosulfonate adhered to a NPK fertilizer. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 07/2010; 58(13):7886-92.

Diego Martín-Ortiz, Lourdes Hernández-Apaolaza, Agustín Gárate (2009). Efficiency of a NPK fertilizer with adhered zinc lignosulfonate as a zinc source for maize (Zea mays L.). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 09/2009; 57(19):9071-78.


Grupo Metales Pesados en Plantas Superiores. Fitorremediación

   Profs. Carpena , R O.; Esteban Fernández, Elvira; Moreno E.; Peñalosa, J.; Sarro MJ. y Zornoza, P.

R. Manzano, J.M. Peñalosa, E. Esteban. Arsenic accumulation and tolerance of Cytisus scopariusu under controlled conditions. Water Air Soil Pollut (2013) 224:1363

B. Sánchez-Pardo, R.O: Carpena, P. Zornoza. Cadmium in white lupin nodules: Impact on nitrogen and carbon metabolism. Journal of Plant Physiology 170: 265-271 (2013).

E. Esteban, M.J. Deza, P. Zornoza. Kinetics of mercury uptake by oilseed rape and white lupin: influence of Mn and Cu. Acta Physiol Plant (2013) 35:2339–2344

E. Moreno Jiménez, E. Esteban, R.O. Carpena Ruiz, M. C. Lobo, J.M. Peñalosa (2012).  Phytostabilisation with Mediterranean shrubs and liming improved soil quality in a pot experiment with a pyrite mine soil.  Journal of Hazardous Materials 201-202:52-59

Bianucci E, Sobrino-Plata J, Carpena-Ruiz RO, Tordable MC, Fabra A, Hernández LE, Castro S (2012) Contribution of phytochelatins to cadmium tolerance in peanut plants. Metallomics 4:1119–1124

E. Moreno-Jiménez, H. Gimeno, R. Gamarra, E. Esteban (2012). Evidence of a new Hg-tolerant ecotype of Rumex induratus from Almadén (Ciudad Real, Spain) Plant Biosystems DOI 10.1080/11263504.2012.758188

E. Moreno Jiménez, R. Manzano, E. Esteban, J.M. Peñalosa. (2010) The fate of arsenic in soils adjacent to an old mine site (Bustarviejo, Spain): mobility and transfer to native flora.  Journal of Soils and Sediments  10: 301-312

E. Moreno Jiménez, J.M. Peñalosa, R. Manzano, R.O. Carpena Ruiz, R. Gamarra, E. Esteban. Heavy metals distribution in soils surrounding an abandoned mine in NW Madrid (Spain) and their transference to wild flora.  Journal of Hazardous Materials (2009) 162: 854-859

Peñalosa JM, Carpena RO, Vázquez S, Agha R, Granado A, Sarro MJ, Esteban E. (2007). Chelate-assisted phytoextraction of heavy metals in a soil contaminated with a pyritic sludge. Science Total Environment 378(1-2):199-204

B. Sánchez-Pardo, M. Fernández-Pascual, P. Zornoza. Copper microlocalisation, ultrastructural alterations and antioxidant responses in the nodules of white lupin and soybean plants grown under conditions of copper stress. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 84: 52-60. (2012).


Profesores no integrados en Grupos de la UAM:  

Prof. Eymar Alonso, Enrique (IP)

C. García-Delgado, N. Jiménez-Ayuso, I. Frutos, A. Gárate & E. Eymar (2013) Cadmium and lead bioavailability and their effects on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons biodegradation by spent mushroom substrate- Environmental Science and Pollution Research.  DOI 10.1007/s11356-013-1829-0

C. Garcia-Delgado, V. Cala, E. Eymar  (2012)   Influence of chemical and mineralogical properties of organic amendments on the selection of an adequate analytical procedure for trace elements determination.  Talanta 88 375– 384)


Prof. Revilla García, Eugenio  (IP)

E. Revilla, D. Carrasco, A. Benito, R. Arroyo-García (2010) Anthocyanin composition of several wild grape accessions. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, 2010, 61, 636-642.

E. Revilla, D. Carrasco, V. Carrasco, A. Benito, R. Arroyo-García(2012). On the absence of acylated anthocyanins in some wild grapevine accessions.  Vitis, 51 (4), 161-165