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Dr. Cristina Díaz

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Tel: +34 914978471
Fax: +34 914975238

Location: Module 13, office 502-c
Departamento de Química
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid, Spain


Graduate in Physics. Speciality: Applied Physics. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. September, 1999.
PhD in Chemistry. Speciality: Quantum Chemistry. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Université Bordeaux I. September, 2004.

Positions held

Predoctoral Research Fellow, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). 2000/04.
Posdoctoral Research Fellow, Leiden University (The Netherlands). 2005/08.
Juan de la Cierva Research Fellow, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). 2008/09.
Assistant Prossefor, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). 2009/14.
Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). 2014 to present.


PhD award. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 2005


Selected publications

Quantum and classical dynamics of reactive scattering of H2 from metal surfaces.
G. J. Kroes, C. Díaz
Chemical Society Review, 45 3658 (2016) Abstract

Controlling the spatial arrangement of organic magnetic anions adsorbed on epitaxial graphene on Ru(0001).
D. Stradi, M. Garnica, C. Díaz , F. Calleja, S. Barja, N. Martín, M, Alcamí, A. L. Vazquez de Parga, R. Miranda and F. Martín
Nanoscale, 6 15271 (2014) Abstract

Probing the Site-Dependent Kondo Response of Nanostructured Graphene with Organic Molecules.
M. Garnica, D. Stradi, F. Calleja, S. Barja, C. Díaz , M. Alcamí, A. Arnau, A. L. Vázquez de Parga, F. Martín and R. Miranda
Nano Letters, 14 4560-4567 (2014) Abstract

Long-range magnetic order in a purely organic 2D layer adsorbed on epitaxial graphene.
M. Garnica, D. Stradi, A. Barja, F. Calleja, C. Díaz, M. Alcamí, N. Martín, A. López-Vázquez de Parga, F. Martín and R. Miranda
Nature Physics, 9 368 (2013) Abstract

Elastic Response of Graphene Nanodomes.
A. Koch, D. Stradi, E. Gnecco, A. Barja, S. Kawai, C. Díaz, M. Alcamí, F. Martín, A. López-Vázquez de Parga, R. Miranda, T. Glatzel and E. Meyer
ACS Nano, 7 2927 (2013) Abstract

Effect of surface motion on the rotational quadrupole alignment parameter on D2 reacting on Cu(111).
F. Nattino, C. Díaz, B. Jackson and G. J. Kroes.
Physical Review Letters, 108 236104 (2012) Abstract

Role of dispersion forces in the structure of graphene monolayers over Ru surfaces.
D. Stradi, S. Barja, C. Díaz, M. Garnica, B. Borca, J. J. Hinarejos, D. Sánchez-Portal, M. Alcamí, A. Arnau, A. L. Vázquez de Parga, R. Miranda and F. Martín.
Physical Review Letters, 106 186102 (2011) Abstract

Apparent failure of the Born-Oppenheimer static surface model for vibrational excitation of molecular hydrogen on copper.
G. J. Kroes, C. Díaz, E. Pijper, R. A Olsen and D. J. Auerbach
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 107 20881 (2010) Abstract

Chemically accurate simulation of a prototypical surfaces reaction: H2 Dissociation on Cu(111).
C. Díaz, E. Pijper, R. A. Olsen, H. F. Busnengo, D. J. Auerbach and G. J. Kroes
Science 326 832 (2009) Abstract

Molecular effects in H2 scattering from metal surfaces at grazing incidence.
C. Díaz, P. Rivière and F. Martín.
Physical Review Letters 103 013201 (2009) Abstract

Multidimensional effects on dissociation of N2 on Ru(0001).
C. Díaz, J. K. Vincent, G. P. Krishnamohan, R. A. Olsen, G. J. Kroes, K. Honkala and J. K. Norskov.
Physical Review Letters 96 096102 (2006) Abstract

In-plane and Out-of-Plane Diffraction of H2 from Metal Surfaces.
D. Farías, C. Díaz, P. Riviere, H.F. Busnengo, P. Nieto, M.F. Somers, G.J. Kroes, A. Salin and F. Martín.
Physical Review Letters 93 246104 (2004) Abstract

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